Vietnam virgin hair has been using widely as hair extensions or wigs for many famous hair brands or hair salons. It is still on the way to meet the increasing demands of many customers every year as well as enhance gradually its position in the hair market.

1. It’s Thin Hair

The most prominent features of Vietnamese hair is that it is very soft, smooth, healthy and has no split end. They are typical features for “Thin Hair”, which is a special type of hair in Vietnam. Thanks to the application of shampoos and conditioners originated from herbs, Vietnamese girls or women always keep their hair smooth and shine. They also limit the frequent shampooing, just only twice a week is reasonable. Due to its softness and smoothness, Vietnamese hair is still considered the best virgin hair types in the world and used mostly hair extensions and manufacture wigs.

human hair extensions-01

Vietnamese Thin Hair

2. It’s durable

The virgin hair of Vietnamese can be listed as one of the most durable virgin hair in the world. It is 100% unprocessed natural hair; in other words, it contains no chemical substances and all the cuticles are intact and in the same direction, which helps reduce shedding and tangle hair. Vietnamese girls or women often have a healthy treatment for their hair to grow healthily. Thus, it is tangle free and has ability to withstand any type of weather regardless of the cold or dry temperatures. Its durability is estimated at least a year or at most two years.

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3. It’s flexible and not mixed

The virgin hair is cut off from the head of one Vietnamese girl or woman, so it is not mixed with other types of hair, 100% of the hair is Vietnamese one. Obviously, it is easy to apply any styling options for Vietnam virgin hair, from straight to wavy or curly hair, etc.

vietnam virgin hair

The hair is collected from one single donor and its color is black

The color of Vietnam virgin hair is often black or dark brown, so it can be dyed with any color codes or bleached, which depends on customers’ requirements.

4. It makes good appearance

Vietnam virgin hair is collected from the hair of the girls or women who live in remote areas, so it is often thick, straight and very long, maybe the hair is long over the knee. Hence, it is a great option for those who want to make their bodies look slimmer and more charming. It cannot be denied that the very long straight hair can help girls or women look as graceful as possible.


The very long and straight hair of Vietnamese

The virgin hair of Vietnamese is different from that of any other countries due to ethnic origins which can be seen in nowhere in the world. These features mentioned above make Vietnam virgin hair get lots of attention from not only domestic customers but also foreign ones.

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