Hair extensions do not only serve the purpose of hiding bald spots on their scalp but also changing their style and look. This item is super popular nowadays that almost every single person is using it, both men and women. One of the options that are fast gaining popularity in the market is Vietnam Human Hair. In today’s topic, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should go for Vietnamese hair extensions.


1. Characteristics

Initially, it is essential to note that these Vietnamese hair extensions are gained from a single donor at many Vietnam countryside and ethnic minority areas that are carefully chosen. After collecting, it is tied one donor for one bundle then washed and conditioned well with great products to maintain the high-quality standard. Besides, these hair extensions are truly natural with no harsh chemical suffering that might change the hair structure. Due to the fact that no chemical is used then the hair structure is unchanged. At the same time, protein and cuticle are kept intact. These are several things that contribute to the soft, silky and shining look of Vietnamese hair extensions.


In general, they are available in dark brown, black, grey colors and sometimes with lightened ends because it is how Vietnamese hair is. Available in majorly four shapes like circular, elliptical, oval and more, but depending on its various properties, it can be divided into thick coarse hair, thick silky hair and thin baby hair. Unlike other poor quality hair which can easily get tangled, unhealthy and sometimes smelly; Vietnamese hair extensions are well maintained and they are strong and healthy. It is even a bit challenging to style because it is thick and strong. For those bad quality hair extensions even after you wash them, you still notice the unpleasant smell and that is annoying but for high-quality Vietnamese hair, it is normally very new and fresh then you don’t have to worry about any bad experience like those.


In addition, owing to the quality, Vietnamese hair extensions can be used for years with proper care concluding the types of shampoo and conditioner you use, using heat on your hair, chemicals, and so on.


2. Hairstyles

To be more specific, here is how Vietnamese hair extensions look like when we slice a hair into 2 parts, Vietnamese human hair often has 4 hair shapes as showed below


But depend on characteristic, Vietnamese hair extensions has 3 kinds of hair including thick-silky hair, thick-coarse hair and thin hair. Therefore, based on your purpose and favor, you can choose a different kind of hair extensions. For instance, if you are into natural hair then you should go for thin hair which is easier deal with. However, if you are the one who is obsessed with styling then opt for thick-silky hair because it is durable to heat and styling products better than others. Even though Vietnamese hair is regarded to be stronger and thicker than other hair types, you still need to avoid heat and chemical products as much as possible to ensure the quality of these extensions for a longer time.

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