Nowadays, Human hair extensions have continued to be popular among a large number of women to make themselvesappear more beautiful and more style so that wigs have grown in popularity.

     Among the human hair extensions, there are several types of hair extensions that are available on the current human hair market. Another common type on the market is the lace closure or the lace frontal. These are quite popular because they have many advantages to wear because they can allow wearers to cover their whole area of natural hair without any protrusions. They even can cover all your hair, or fulfill your hair more volume hair so strongly.When you use a lace closure or frontal that you just need to sew or glue them, it’s much easier to use than silk closure. You can wash them, add condition shampoo to keep them soft, no tangle and you can reuse them many times.

     1. Lace Closure

The difference between lace frontals and lace closure are the size, Lace frontals are bigger mainly and can cover the entire hairline. Lace closures are smaller and only covers a small portion, it gives you the freedom of being able to simulate a part in any direction which gives you additional versatility and more different style. You can sew them into your own hair, they look so natural and keep on your hair very firmly.


     2. Lace Frontal

On the other hand, Lace-frontal covers a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline.  And our lace- frontal can be added bangs as your request  so that you can style, the lace need to be silk, soft and color as your skin color and you can style them easily as your hair when you wear them.


At BeequeenHair Comapany, Lace Closure and Lace Frontal are made with clean raw remyhair (bulk hair) then sew in to the lace by our skill worker. Therefore, the hair never get shedding.  We can make free part, mid part or three part, and it can be addition with baby hair.A lace closure’s size is 4×4 inches, 4.5×5.5 inches, and a lace frontal’s size is 13x4inches, and our density is 130%. And we can make three textures: straight, wavy, and curly, and many colors to be choosen. They are totally made by hand so that they look so natural, firm and beautiful.

Lace frontals and lace closure are both very easy to make beauty, more volume hair but so natural as your own hair. You can choose the right kind of hair for you at our company whose hair extensions are high quality, and we can ship hair to you over the world fast and we are sure that you will feel satisfied when receiving the hair.



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