If you are invited to wedding anniversaries and still do not know what to do with your natural hair or your hair extensions, here is what you’ve been looking for. Followings are some attractive ideas that can be applied with your hair. And it would be of more gorgeous if you apply them with Vietnamese hair extensions.

  1. Textured Bun

If you really want your look to last all day then this textured bun is going to be perfect for you. Start by raking your hair back into a high pony using your fingers and secure it with a hair tie. Next pull out some loose strands around your face and tug on your hair to add some texture to the look. To create the bun take small sections of Vietnamese hair extensions or your natural hair and twist them in a loop before securing them down with a hair pin. This can be as messy as you like and will work best when you twist the hair in opposite directions as it creates more volume. Once you’re done and your bun is secure you can pull out some strands to add some more volume.

  1. Pearl Ponytail

To start clip in your Vietnamese hair extensions and then scoop your Vietnamese hair extensions back into a loose, low pony. Next tie another hair elastic in the middle of your pony and secure it with a hair tie. Pinch on the hair in between to loosen up the look and use your pearl hair pins to cover the hair ties. If you don’t have pearl pins this look would be really pretty with some flowers too, especially our fave gypsophilia.

  1. Double Braid Bun

This look is a little tricky but once it’s done it will stay in place all day and works so well with a high neck dress. To start part your Vietnamese hair extensions in the centre and then lace braid the left side of your hair to the back of your head. If you’re struggling click here for a quick tutorial. Next repeat the process on the other side and pull all your hair into a low pony at the nape of your neck. You can then twist your hair extensions into a neat bun and pin it in place with some bobby pins. For extra shine, spray some dry oil over your hair and smooth down any flyaways with hairspray to finish.

Have you got any ideas for your hair to be ready for the wedding season yet? Extensions with Vietnamese human hair can provide the convenience for you to change your look anytime. Also, it can fix all the troubles you get into with your natural hair temporarily. Apohair extensions brands which have the sources of Vietnam human hair, are used and suggested by a large number of users. Our high-quality Vietnamese hair products can help for people to get the best effects from applying those shiny, gorgeous and beautiful hair extensions for enhancing and transforming their hair look.

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