For the most part, humidity is not welcome on days when you want your hair to cooperate. For a rare few, humidity can help make bouncier curls or add some wanted volume, but in general it seems like it’s much more of a burden than anything else. For others, humidity can make their hair go flat and limp which they want to avoid.

Especially in summer time, you have to encounter humidity in months. So in this articles, we will provide you with a few tips to help combat the humidity from winning and ruining your hair.

Tip 1: It is to use humidity hairspray. Choose any kind of humidity spray that you want, it acts as a protective spray to the hair to keep the humidity out! At the same time, you can also use fry shampoo to clean and freshen excess oil on the scalp. In these days, oil on the scalp will be produced more than normal and it will weigh your hair down so some spray of your dry shampoo can really help in this situation.

Tip 2: When you find your favorite humidity hairspray, then it comes to how to use it properly. Remember to use only a bit when you are applying the product because doubling up on a strong hold hairspray may SEEM like a good idea to keep your hair in place, but it will backfire as soon as it gets heavy from the humidity.

Tip 3: Just go for a pulling up hairstyle if it melts on a humid day. Depend on what you are going to wear, style your hair properly. For example, when you dress up a bit, gather your hair back in a low ponytail and loosen a few hairs around your face to make it feel a bit dressed up. If it’s a casual day, you can totally throw it up into a messy top knot.

Tip 4: Don’t neglect to condition your hair. If your hair is well-hydrated then it may help tame your tresses. This step will actually protect your hair from the humidity and eliminate frizz. Dry hair absorbs moisture from the environment so the drier your hair, the worse the frizzing and flopping of your locks. Make sure you protect your hair and deep condition to nourish the hair, keeping it in great condition.  Look for a finishing hair spray that promotes anti-frizz or humidity protection. 

With these tips, you can be relief when it comes to humid weather. Additionally, don’t forget to check out our website for our high quality Vietnam hair extensions available with various design and style. We offer Vietnam virgin hair extensions with exceptional quality and can satisfy your needs. Go and check them out here.

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