Dying hair not only makes you young, more dynamic but also a way of expressing your personality. It needs to be careful when choosing the color of the vietnamese hair to match the skin as you choose the color for the costume.

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown hair helps to whiten skin the best light. In addition to the unique hair color like rainbow hair dye, pastel hair, etc., the gentle girls are still fond of chocolate brown hair color. Chocolate brown vietnamese hair color is especially suitable for those who like youthfulness and dynamism in a comfortable environment, especially the hair color that helps your skin look brighter.


Hair color trends for Summer 2018-Vietnamese hair

Nothing can make you stand out with a gray color in everyone’s eyes. Be confident and not hesitate to appear with a kind of unique color. With this dye, you will be super stylish, fashionable and, suitable for all faces, which is the hot trend of hair color in 2018 for women.

Light Brown

If dark brown vietnamese hair brings feminine beauty and classic, light brown hair is a representative of modern and youthfulness. It’s also the light, elegant features of brown tone, but the brilliance of the light gives us something modern, fresh and personal. This color is suitable for those with light complexion and easily combine with many different styles.

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