It is undeniable that shiny and glamorous hair plays an important role in boosting women’s look. That is why beautiful hair with amazing hairstyles is many women’s dream. However, not all people have beautiful hair innately and have to suffer from some hair problems. To have attractive hair, many women find some ways such as going to hair salon, applying hair treatment and one of the most popular ways – using hair extensions. With hair extensions, you can reduce your stress about hair loss, you can try many different hairstyles. Hair extensions have amazing benefits and you should keep them as long as possible to enhance your look. Nonetheless, they can be damage by many factors like the climate change, the incorrect maintenance, etc. Therefore, it is necessary that you are careful in taking care of your hair extensions. Understanding the importance of hair care, we are here to give you some tips to maintain your hair extensions in the long run.

Brush your hair extensions

Because the extensions are attached into your hair, therefore; you have to brush your hair extensions in the right way to make sure they are still in good condition. It is highly recommended to use a hair extension loop-brush or a natural bristle paddle brush. To brush your hair, you start with separating your hair into two sections: left side and right side. When you brush one section, it is vital that you remember to hold the hair in one hand. This is very necessary because it will reduce stress on your hair roots and scalp. Remember to brush gently.

Wash your hair extensions

This is a very important step in hair care routine because if you do not wash your hair extensions well, they will be damaged badly. Firstly, you need to choose good quality shampoo and conditioner. Having the suitable products, next, you need to wash your hair correctly. There is a note that you should not have the shower pressure on full force blasting on your hair. When you massage your scalp, be gently. Otherwise, the bonds will be affected. Remember to rinse the shampoo well because the left shampoo can make your scalp itchy or decay the hold of the bonds faster. Moreover, when applying conditioner, you should apply from the mid lengths to the ends of your hair, remember to avoid the roots.

Style your hair extensions

With hair extensions, you can experience many different hairstyles. To do this, your hair has to be styled a lot. Therefore, you should have some tips in styling to take care of your hair extensions well. Because heat appliances such as hot iron, blower, etc. are used in styling process, your hair need heat protection product to take care of it. By this, your hair can avoid heat damage. In addition, avoid using hairspray because it contains a lot of alcohol. Using it can make your hair dry, which cause breakage.

Above are some useful tips for you to take care of your hair extensions and keep them in good condition. Hair extensions are amazing hair beauty tool to every woman. To whom using hair extensions, apply these tips to maintain your extensions well. To whom having attention of apply them but being confused of choosing a brand, Beequeenhair is a smart choice. In Beequeenhair, you can choose your best hair extensions from many high quality hair types such as tape hair, clip in hair and so on. Make a good decision to have glamorous hair

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