Emma Watson is a very famous Hollywood film star. She is known as a talented actress through two outstanding films named ‘Harry Poster’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. By the times, we have watched her elegant transformation from a child movie star into a fierce, intelligent, polished young woman. Her style inspires many women from her clothes style to hairstyles. Emma Watson always appears beautifully with her perfect look and gorgeous hairstyles which is supported a lot by hair extensions. Let’s see how amazing she is with these following hairstyles.

Emma Watson with baby fringe hairstyle

At the Golden Globes, Emma appeared with a new haircut – baby fringe hairstyle. This also is one of the biggest hair trends of 2018. Her look is young and many people are big fans of this look.

Emma Watson with pulled-back hairstyle

Emma looked stunning with this style. The pulled-back hairstyle goes well with her eyes makeup, which creates her gorgeous appearance.

Emma Watson with pushed-back top hairstyle

Emma attracted people’s attention by her stunning look with a long dress and gorgeous hair and makeup when she attended the premiere of The Circle in Paris. Her hair looked beautiful with the pushed-back top hairstyle.

Emma Watson with braided hairstyle

With the stunning braided hairstyle, Emma Watson looked so sweet and young during a press event for ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Emma Watson with intricate updo hairstyle

Although her make-up was light, Emma still was stunning with her intricate updo hairstyle. At the premiere for ‘Beauty and the Beast’, her elegant look made many people fall in love.

Emma Watson with curled blonde updo hairstyle

She looked so gorgeous with this appearance. The combination of the curled blonde updo hairstyle and the glossy red lips make-up boosted her look a lot.

Emma Watson with short bob hairstyle

Taking part in New York City for International Women’s Day, Emma impressed people by her chic look. Her short bob hairstyle went well with the white dress, which brought to her elegance.

Emma Watson with short wavy bob hairstyle

The star looked active and impressive with this style. She lightened her hair up to a gorgeous warm honey hue which contributed to enhance her short wavy bob.

Emma Watson with side-wept curls hairstyle

Appearing in the British Fashion Awards 2014, her look is appealing with the side-swept curls, matte red lip and perfectly groomed brows.

Emma Watson with medium center-parted hairstyle

The combination of the simple center-parted style with a hot red lip and dark, fluttery lashes is not new style; however, Emma still looked amazing with this. She attracted people’s attention by her sweetness and femineity.

Emma Watson with side-parted hairstyle

This style is very suitable for formal event. Emma looked so elegant with this side-parted style. If your love it, you can try at home with the support of hair extensions.

Above are top 11 Emma Watson’s hairstyle which can inspire you a lot. With the support of hair extensions, her hairstyles are amazing to boost her look. If you are interested in these styles, you can apply yourself. If you have to suffer from any hair issues, hair extensions can help you. Understanding users’ demand of high-quality extensions products, Beequeenhair commits to supply 100% human hair extensions. With Beequeenhair’s products, you can easily choose your best hair extensions from a large number of hair length and hair types such as keratin hair, tape hair, etc. Let Beequeenhair be with you to complete your beauty!

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