Once you shampoo or comb your hair, you have to suffer hair loss. There are many reasons for this situation, however, you can restrict hair loss by massaging the following essential oils.

Hair loss can be caused by hair products, or other factors like environment, endocrine. Hair loss makes you worried, let try massaging essential oils into the hair right now.

Formulas for hair loss below will help you improve your hair a lot. You will see efficiency clearly after 4-6 week of continuous use. They can make your hair healthier and smoothier.

Wet weather, rain and storms can make the scalp weak and easy to peel. Hair roots is weaker, which creates hair loss. Some cases such as styling hair with high frequency, … also suffer hair loss.

  1. Pomelo essential oil

Pomelo essential oil is known as “drug” of hair loss.  It contains a lot of pectin, naringin, (a type of glucozid), peroxydaza and amylaza, ramoza sugar, vitamin A and C … These subtances are very good for scalp, helping scalp remove bacteria.

Massaging scalp regularly by this type of essential oil can stimulate hair growth. It also nourishes hair to help it healthy from the end to the root.

How to make:

  • Washing hair cleanly before applying essential oils into hair. Keeping scalp and hair airy so that essential oil can penetrate deeper and faster.
  • Warming essential oil: You should warm essential oil before applying it into the hair within 30 minutes. Warm temperature opens hair strands and helps essential oil penetrate deeply.
  • Use two times/day. Do not use too much to avoid making hair weak and lost.
  • Keeping scalp always airy, restricting staying in hot and sweaty environment, which can cause much dandruff for hair.

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  1. Lavender oil

 Fresh lavender petals

  • 1 cup of olive oil

How to make:

  • Washing lavender cleanly
  • Soaking olive oil with lavender, keeping in the darkness for 1.5 month
  • Removing residue and filtering essential oils. Preserving lavender oil in airy environment and avoiding sun light.
  1. Basil oil

  • 2 basils
  • 1 cup of olive oil

How to make:

  • Cleaning, drying, cutting and shredding basil
  • Putting basil and olive oil into a mixture and boiling with little fire within 10-15 minute (can add polyscias fruticosa before turning off the stove)
  • Cooling, filtering essential oil and removing residue

After shampooing, applying a little basil oil into hair and massaging gently within 5 minutes. Do not rinse off with water or shampoo.

  1. Curry leaf oil

  • 5 curry leafs
  • 1 cup of coconut oil

How to make:

  • Drying curry leafs, grinding it into powder
  • Boiling coconut oil and adding pre-cooked curry leafs. Boiling till leaves are not green
  • Cooling, filtering oil and pouring into bottle.
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