Today we will talk about tips to tame your frizzy hair and make it healthier.

But first, let’s find out why you have frizzy hair. You might not know that there are many things can attribute to frizzy hair such as genetics. You can be genetically predisposed to really frizzy hair if you naturally hair dry hair which means that your hair is going to be prone to frizzy. It is because it lacks moisture and when your hair is exposed to the humid environment, it sucks up all of the moisture in the environment to hydrate itself. Another reason can be the overexposure to heat or UV rays that can also dry out your real hair and suck all of the moisture out. At the same time, undergo the chemical process such as bleaching, dyeing, curling is also one of the thing causing frizzy hair.

So how to tame these frustrating frizzy hair and maintain the strong and silky look to your hair. Let’s learn some tips below.

The first tip is to avoid harsh products, especially the ones contain sulfates and parabens which will tend to strip the moisture off your hair. Instead, choose the organic and mild shampoo and conditioners.

Secondly, never forget to use heat protectant spray before expose your hair to heat, even the avoid harsh sun rays. However, stay away from the products contain lots of alcohol because it will dry out Vietnam human hair.

If you bleach your hair, try to lessen the bleaching appointment and reduce the amount of bleach, especially on your hair end. If you have to bleach your hair, deep condition regularly for one month before the next bleaching and properly take care of your hair after that.

Pay attention to nourish your hair with protein because your hair is mainly formed with protein. You can attain protein by having a rich protein diet or some products that can apply directly to your hair to provide it with protein. Besides, supply your body with enough water and veggies to hydrate your hair from the inside.

Try to embrace oils on your hair by using some essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil, etc. This oil can be applied on the end of your hair after styling it which can protect your hair and keep your hair look silky and healthy.

The next thing is to avoid your hair from exposing to heat from irons, flat irons, blow dryer as much as you can. If you have no choice but to use these hair tools, use them in a low-temperature mode or cool mode to make sure your hair will not be negatively affected by the heat.

Always dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt or cloth because fiber from the towel will irritate your hair. You can also buy the specified towel that designed specifically for hair with soft material. Also, never rub your hair but gently use the shirt to absorb the water on your hair. This will be the best way to safely dry your hair.

These tips will be useful for anyone who owns dry hair, therefore, note them down and follow these tricks to achieve healthy and hydrated hair.


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