This article is not only for those who are obsessed with selfie but for anyone longing for a good picture of their Vietnam hair  style. Down here are some useful tips for you to find out what makes a good selfie great – especially when you have a new style to show off.

Tips for Taking Your Best Vietnam Hair style Photos-1

1. Spotlight, Please!

One of the most important thing that can make your photo spot on is the light. As for the perfect light, natural one is the best. Draw the curtains, open your window and find the perfect place for your photo! Admit that taking a photo on a sunny day gives us the incredible effect. Natural light does a great job of balancing your photo’s color and make your hair looks better than good. Even if it is a cloudy day, opt for artificial lights in your house as the alternative.

2. Bare your shoulders-others’ attention to Vietnam hair instead of the outfit

Tips for Taking Your Best Vietnam Hair style Photos-2

The truth is that showing a little skin can actually help direct the eye upward, to your hairstyle. Some ways that you can apply this technique even outside is to wear a tank top, wide neck top or a bare neckline which offers a great contrast to your hair. The best method is to choose a top with a different color to your hair color that can show off your hair really well. Basically, this technique will catch others’ attention to your hair instead of the outfit.

3. Work your good side

Tips for Taking Your Best Vietnam Hair style Photos-4

The truth is everyone angles their phones when they take a selfie to get the best angle of the face. The tip can be applied to your hair too. Honestly, it is a trick to capture the most flattering photo which is more valuable tip than the queen of a selfie. Here are suggested steps that you can follow to get the best selfie with Vietnam hair:

1) Keeping her chin down
2) Holding the camera up a bit higher than face level, which ensures her features appear more streamlined and here you go.

4. Master the Flip

Tips for Taking Your Best Vietnam Hair style Photos-3

Want to look like you sailed off the runway? Then you should master the hair flip. Even in the pool, outside in the forest or at the beach, a hair flip is the big yes for a perfect photo. It doesn’t only show how fabulous you are but also how beautiful your hair is. One quick tip is that before you start your photo shoot, dry carefully with an ion hairdryer – diffusing if necessary and brushing hair out and away from the roots to create a little lift. The alternative technique is to use a fan or a Vietnam hair blower to create some movement to your hair and make it lively.

5. Don’t be afraid of editing

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to use some filter and editing apps that can make your photos even better. You can easily create a perfect color for your photos in only a matter of minutes.

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