Today, curly hair is one of the most popular hairstyles that many women choose. Not only does this hairstyle bring out the natural beauty but also creates a sense of luxury and nobility. However, how to keep the curl as beautiful as the first day without being stretched is a great concern of many women. This post will give you some useful suggestions.

Don’t wash your Vietnamese hair for the first three days after bending:

Hair stylists recommend that the first three-day period is so important that drugs can be absorbed into your hair and your curls are fixed. On the contrary, if you try to shampoo during this period, your hair don’t have enough time to absorb all the amount of drugs, so it gets stretched out quickly when exposed to water. Consequently, in no way can yourhair be long-lasting or curly as your expectation. Therefore, remember not to wash your hair for at least the first three days after bending.

Don’t brush your hair regularly:

Many women have a habit of brushing their hair right after getting up, before going to bed, when shampooing or even any time when their hair is tangled. Do you know that your  hair will be stretched if you brush it too often? Especially, brushing when your  hair is wet can cause damages to it because at that time, your hair is extremely vulnerable. Instead of using a normal comb, comb your hair 1-2-times a day with a wide-tooth comb. On the other hand, you can also use your fingers to comb through your hair without using a brush.


Take care of your Vietnamese hair regularly:

The fact is that the process of bending hair can make your hair dry, rough, tangle, lifeless and even lead to hair loss due to a large amount of chemicals. Besides, your hair is weaker and more susceptible to breakage due to the heat from the dryer. As a result, you need to have a special hair care regime for your curly hair. Apart from using shampoo and conditioner with nutritious ingredients, hair steaming and hair incubation are extremely necessary to open the cuticle of your hair, increase moisture retention, stop hair breakage and clean the scalp so that your hair have a chance to grow healthily.

Let’s try following the suggestions above to see the surprising result!

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