Hair extensions are known as amazing beauty tool of women due to their benefits. It is said that applying hair extensions can make you more confident with beautiful appearance. Many brands of hair extensions are choose and one of the most popular brands is Vietnam virgin hair, which is considered as high-quality hair. Vietnam virgin hair extensions are contributing to boost many women’s look all over the world. In the proper care, Vietnam virgin hair extensions can be reused during over one year. Therefore, it is important that you should care for your hair extensions well to keep it in the long run. If you do not know how to do it, this post will help you because we will show you some tips to keep your extensions always fresh as the day you had it installed.

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Choose the right hair texture

It is necessary to choose the hair texture that blend with your own hair. Otherwise, it will look so weird when your hair extensions and own hair do not blend together. Therefore, if your own hair is straight, you can choose straight hair extensions in stead of wavy or curly hair. This is a basic step to have glamorous hair that attracts other’s attention.

Be nice to your hair extensions

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Because the extensions are sewn onto your hair, you have to be gentle when brush or wash your hair. Do not pull your hair and rip the comb through your extensions. If you do not follow this rule, you have to face up to the risk of falling hair. If your extensions have to suffer too much pressure, they may shed easily. Therefore, be nice to your hair to keep it always smooth and healthy.

Apply shampoo and conditioner

Washing your Vietnam virgin hair extensions is a compulsory step in aftercare routine. As your own hair, they need washed to remove all the dust and oil after a long day. However, how to wash hair extensions to keep them in a good condition is even more important. To wash your Vietnam virgin hair extensions correctly, you should use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. It is necessary that you do not turn your hair upside down while washing, as this can tangle your hair. About applying conditioner, you should remember to apply this treatment over your mid lengths and ends, avoid the roots.

Avoid heat appliance as much as possible

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Although Vietnam virgin hair is natural and can suffer heat, you should limit it because the more heat appliance you apply, the more damaged your hair is. Therefore, keep your extensions from heat appliance as much as possible. For example, in stead of using blow dryer, you can let your hair dry naturally. This will protect your hair extensions and keep them fresh.

Above are some tips to keep your Vietnam virgin hair always fresh. Everything needs to be cared well to lengthen the lifespan. If you follow these tips, you can keep your hair extensions in the long run.

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