Growing long hair is not an overnight thing; however, it takes a lot of efforts and commitment. Besides, hair care routine also play an essential role in lengthen your hair. Today, we are going to discuss things that you think you do right in order to maintain your natural hair length but you don’t.


This is huge! Moisturizing is probably considered to be one of the most important thing in your regime because it keeps your hair hydrated and strong. Particularly, your hair ends are the most sensitive and old part of your hair that require even more care and moisture. If your natural hair is mid-back length, then your hair ends are approximately 3-4 years old and they are the most fragile area. The thing you should know is that dry hair breaks. Insufficient moisture definitely leads to dryness, then end split and breakage. Breakage is the number one factor that shorten your hair length. As the result, conditioning your hair, especially the ends are a must in order to retain the length.


A big mistake that a lot of people might make is to constantly over manipulate their hair. They think the more they do to their hair, the more it will grow. For example, they keep over doing these things like detangling, brushing, combing, and changing their hairstyles too often. However, the fact is quite opposite. Leave your hair alone and stick to your favourite hair care routine from washing to conditioning is much more recommended. Of course, you can still detangle, style your real hair but keep it simple and do it once or twice a week only. Instead, throw it in buns, keep in braid or opt to a wig for a while. Apart from that, reduce heat from hair tools on your hair because it will take away the protein in the hair and make it easier to break. Remember that less is more!


Washing hair too often or rare either the good thing but washing it regularly is great. Regular means 3 or 4 days a week. The reason is that water is actually moist, therefore, washing your hair often can both clean off the scalp and excess oil on your hair, besides it is a good chance for your hair to get exposed to water which is moisture for your hair. The more moisture your hair gets, the better chance it will be away from breakage. Likewise, often washing your hair also stimulate the blood circulation due to the massage you do on the scalp. However, do not over washing your hair because it only strips off your natural oil and leave your hair brittle and dry.


This is actually the most important thing you should do. No one can understand your hair and its condition more than you do. If you notice your hair is dry, hydrate it. If your hair is extremely limp, do a protein treatment. If it breaks, stop using too much heat from blow dryer, flatting iron, curling iron, etc on your hair. Do not keep doing exactly what people are doing with their hair because their hair is different from yours. Sit down and listen to your hair, ladies. Only by doing this can your hair grow longer and healthier.

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