Using hair extension made from Vietnam human hair has become familiar with girls recently. However, a qualified hair extension can’t avoid being ruined by a variety of factors. It is the fact that there are a lot of outside factors such as smoke, dirt, chemical,… and inside factors coming from clients themselves for not knowing how to keep their hair extension, which will have impact on your hair and your hair extension as well. Taking care of your hair seems to be popular with you. But what about protecting your hair extensions against those harmful factors? Do you use the same methods? The answer is no because of the unique characteristics of Vietnam human hair extension. Below are some tips to take care of your Vietnam human hair extension to keep it live longer.

First and foremost, you should remind yourself to take care of your Vietnam human hair extension every day in case you use them very often. Like your real human hair, Vietnam human hair extension needs to be brushed to avoid tangle.

Wearing the hair extension together with your real hair, you should brush gently, from the top to the end. However, sometimes it’s hard because both two types of hair are too tangled. If you use too much force with your hair, it can survive. But you do the same with your Vietnam human hair extension, it can be damaged. To solve that problem, you should brush those types separately before mix them together. 

The second important steps to take care of your hair extension is that you should wash and dry them right and often. For washing hair extension, same as with your real hair, there are essential steps which are applying shampoo and conditioner. First, you should let your hair extension get wet. If your Vietnam human hair gets wet, it will be easier to apply shampoo than when it dries. Then, you can spine gently and massage from the top to the bottom of your hair extension to make sure the shampoo can be applied all of your hair areas. After, 3-4 minutes, you can wash your hair with water until there is no longer shampoo on it. Second, the hair conditioner is the next thing you want. You can do the same steps which are applying, spinning and massaging then washing with clean water. Remember that don’t brush or comb your Vietnam human hair extension while washing it because that can cause hair loss.

Last but not least, you leave your hair dry. Using a blow dryer from the inside to the outside can be the effective and useful tool to dry pieces of your hair. To make it easier, you can divide your hair extension into layers so you can save lot of time to have a dried one.

Those above tips are basic, simple but important steps to take care of your hair daily so that it can be always in a good condition.

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