With all the different heat and curling tools available, it can often be daunting which ones to choose, especially, when it comes to hair extensions. If you like to take care of your hair looks and want to make your Vietnamese hair extension last longer, the best way to do this is by researching what styling tools to use.

In this blog post, we would like to recommend you, who is having Vietnamese hair extension and want to maintain, enhance it, some suitable styling tools.


Babyliss big hair is great for those of you who love that bouncy blow dry look. It is essentially a hairdryer with a rotating brush attached, so rather than having to use two separate pieces of equipment you can use one. We always recommend slightly rough drying your hair first or leaving it to dry a little before using. You ideally want your Vietnamese hair extension to be slightly damp before using this product. It is also great for lifting your roots if you wanting that extra bit of volume. However, don’t use babyliss big hair too often because its heat will make your Vietnam hair extension very susceptible to dryness, breakage and hair fall. It’s better for you to use this kind of styling tool with some hair care products like incubated cream or conditioner


If you have Vietnamese hair extensions, dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend. After having hair extensions applied you should not be washing your hair for the next 48 hours. Once this time period passes, you should only be washing your hair twice a week. Unfortunately, not all of us can get past day three without gaining any grease. Dry shampoo is a great way to address this not only does it help minimize the grease in your hair but it also makes it smell night as well as adding volume back into the roots.


One of the most annoying things you may experience with your Vietnamese hair extensions is the tangling of your locks. It is inevitably going to happen either when working out or simply sleeping. We suggest to purchase a tangle teezer, it is one of the best brushes to use to detangle extensions, which won’t rip your hair out in the process. If your hair is more prone to tangling, we recommend when washing, brush the conditioner into the lower section of your hair as it will slowly help the detangling process once out the shower.

We hope this article helps you come to a decision on what tools to use on your Vietnamese hair extensions. We would always recommend that while heating tools are great for giving your volume and style, you should always give your hair a break every so often. Constant heat styling can still damage your hair so take extra care with the products you apply. An oil-based product is fantastic for rejuvenating the ends of your hair but should never go near the roots. Always use a heat protection spray before applying any form of heat, this also goes for the hairdryer.

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