Hair tattoo is a great way to add some flavour to your hair, especially slicked back hairstyles and short hair. It doesn’t only look great in your daily events but more important it looks fantastic for festivals, not to mention it is not dangerous to your hair at all. Let’s check out some hair tattoos designs and see how amazing they are.

Hair tattoos work the same way as temporary tattoos which you use with your skin. As a result, it is super easy to apply on. Firstly, choose the design you like, then cut it off the sheet and get rid of the plastic film. Next, place it on your hair area that you want it to be, use a wet flannel hold over the tattoo for half of a minute. Ultimately, peel away the backing but remember to do it gently to see if it’s ready. Then it’s ready to go! It can stick on your hair pretty well and glitter as great as skin transfer tattoos. So now you can imagine how incredible it is, particularly it is placed in your hair.

As noted before, hair tattoos are as diverse as temporary tattoos on your skin. You can choose any type you want flexibly depending on your interest and Vietnam human hair. Hair tattoos is perfect for autumn with the metallic gold colour. Likewise, it can add an extra dimension to your looks. Furthermore, the colour is pretty crucial because you want to match it with your natural hair. For example, gold hue is going to work pretty well with super dark hair. The contrast between black and gold hues is incredible. But blonds will not have so much contrast in their hair if they apply it. Just like you would apply a temporary tattoo on your skin. Also, hair tats tend to show up better on straight hair since the smooth surface prevents them from becoming distorted. In other words, in order to show off the beauty of this accessory you need to keep your hair stick-straight or at least at the part you want to use hair tattoos. However, mix and match hues with your hair can make your hair stand out and present your own personal characteristic. Therefore, don’t hesitate to experiment and have fun with different colours and designs.

You can place them on either side of your head to dress up a part. Or apply a few of the same pattern for a continuous shimmery headband look. You can use them to embellish a braid too.

Now, ladies! If you wonder how to take it off, then here is the way. You only need to apply some conditioner and leave it for a few minutes then rinse it off. After that, shampoo your hair as usual and your hair tattoos will come off with water. Ladies, remember not to remove the tattoos by brushing or combing your hair because it only leads your hair to messy knots while the hair tattoos are still placed on your hair.

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