Why are short bending hairs so popular? It is because of the youthfulness, dynamism, extreme fashionableness that it brings. Therefore, this is a very attractive and eye-catching short haircut that makes girls want to cut her hair to refresh her style. Moreover, this hairstyle suits every “shortness” of the hair, you just have to change a little to have a short bending hair and to help you to look fashionable and attractive.

Each style is suited to each person’s personality and style. For those who are very keen on Korean style, they cannot ignore the short bob hair, a very hot trend in Korea.

Short hair cut which is long over the ears creates a face round and full but still shows the slender chin

And when combined with the thin bangs or rainy bangs, this hairstyle offers the youthfulness, dynamic, flexiblity in the variation of different styles of fashion for girls. 

The buoyancy of the bending hair will make girls a few years younger, even innocent like a child.

At the same time, you can become young and mature in a slightly more serious style

If you are bored with the thin bangs, the long bangs combining with short bending hair will help you become more sparklingBecause when you put the bangs aside, your forehead is revealed, your face will look brighter and more attractive.

This hairstyle will not only give you a dynamic look, but will also show a natural tenderness

Short bending hair not only makes the girls younger but also makes their appearance more shimmering and beautiful.

Moreover, if the female sex wants something more groundbreaking, why not try style wavy hair? You will look more attractive than that!

This hairstyle is extremely suitable for a girl with a small face. It also has the ability to embellish the delicate lines and enhance the grace of girls

If you are a girl who says no with feminine style, extremely simply, entangling your hair. Besides, with this hairstyle, thin hair girls will no longer worry about their hair anymore, since they will look thicker and have more vitality.

This hairstyle is especially suitable for girls with strong personality to show their coolness.

2l In addition to variations of the different styles for this short bending hair, girls can also change constantly without being bored with hair dyeing colors.

This light brown orange color has been enthusiastically renewed by Korean idols during their recent comeback

The active girls must style rebellious blue hair color at least once in their life

With the attractive smoky green hair, certainly when girls walk out on the street, no one could look back at them


Furthermore, the female sex can style the orange color “dazzling as the sun”. This hair color has also been promoted by many Vietnamese stars such as Chi Pu, Hoang Thuy, Thu Hoa …

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