Talking about Selena Gomez, many people will think about whom used to be Disney’s princess, whom used to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend. However, she is more than that. Selena is a famous American celebrity with the sweet, dazzling and young appearance. Every time she appears, she attracts people’s attention. She is more and more beautiful with glamorous styles. They may be sometimes simple but never boring or repetitive. Her styles have variety of not only her dresses but also hairstyles. She appears and attracts people by her amazing hairstyles. If you love them, you absolutely can try them out to have gorgeous appearance. Do not worry too much because you have an effective hair beauty tool – hair extensions. Let’s see how Selena is beautiful with her hairstyles and what we can learn from them.

Long straight hairstyle

This is one of the most beautiful hairstyles of Selena Gomez. It brings to her the elegant appearance. The middle-parted sleek and straight hair suits her in the formal occasions. Moreover, the long straight hair also has role of covering her round face, which makes her face look smaller.

Messy curls hairstyle

Selena looks so chubby, fresh and girly with this hairstyle. She appears in amazing appearance with messy waves and curls. This medium hair is fabulous.

Medium straight hairstyle

If medium hairstyle with messy curls makes Selena look chubby, this medium straight hair brings her different look. It is young and elegant. This may be her favorite style because she has been spotted flaunting it various times. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with shoulder length hair, therefore; if you love it, you can try at home. Hair extensions will be your supporter if your hair is thin.

Braided side pony hairstyle

You never look out of fashion with braids, so does Selena. The hairstyle of braided side ponytail makes her look both graceful and attractive. You can choose this style for many occasions from going to parties to hanging out with friends.

The chic updo hairstyle

Selena sometimes changes her look by experiencing a different hairstyle. This time, she changes to a very cool and stylish chic updo hairstyle. This hairstyle is very suitable for a formal parties and events. Moreover, if you have a round face like Selena, you should try this once.

Stylish bob cut hairstyle

With this bob cut hairstyle, Selena looks so adorable. Therefore, this is also perfect for teens. You can try it. This hairstyle looks well with thick hair so if your hair is thin, you can apply hair extensions as a solution.

Above are top 6 beautiful hairstyle of Selena Gomez. With the support of these hairstyles, she always appears with amazing look. With different hairstyles, she bring different look. Therefore, you can try these gorgeous styles to boost your appearance. If you have any hair problem and need hair extensions to support, it is highly suggested to choose Beequeenhair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. You can rest your mind when using our hair products because Beequeenhair commits to supply high quality hair extensions which is 100% human hair. On the way getting amazing hairstyle, let Beequeenhair be with you!

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