Not only the skin but the hair is also the attention of Western stars. Learning the secret of Hollywood’s hair care tips can help your hair overcome many of the downsides.

Jennifer Aniston

Considered to be one of the most beautiful and noble-haired women in the world, Jennifer Aniston usually takes care of her hair. Typically, she often reduces shampoo and instead enhances the conditioner to cleanse and moisturize the hair. In this way, your hair will produce less oil, not only that, but the hair will not dry, but will be still float and clean.

Blake Lively

Blake’s usual hair care tips are to brew hair with mayonnaise dressing for hair care. Unlike ordinary incubated cream, mayonnaise will helps to make the hair smoother and better. You can learn from Blake by applying mayonnaise to the top of the hair, incubating for a few minutes and then shampooing as usual.

Not only mayonnaise, you can also take advantage of other sauces like chicken, rapeseed oil to smooth hair.

Solange Knowles

Beyonce’s style of hair is very simple, that is taking advantage of the heat left after the shower to steam for the hair to float.

This way you can also do it right at home, if the bathroom condition is narrow as possible. When you turn on the shower, turn on the biggest heat and stand next to it. This way your hair will not get wet and still absorb moisture. Besides, you can also bring more pots under to not waste water. With curly hair extensions, this way is even more effective.

Shara Jessica Paker

The main character of “Sex & city” shocked everyone by revealing that she used a shampoo dedicated to horsehair and horsetail. After shampooing,  her hair is shiny and shaped. It is clear that many stars also use this horse shampoo but they do not speak out because of fear of responsibility.

Jessica Simpson

The shiny wavy hair has long been a trademark of the singer. But she refuses to use electric wrist straps for fear of her hair drying up quickly, instead Jessica uses thermo plots – it is also a fashion for Texas women.

Nicole Kidman

Blonde hair  is a treasury of  the “swan” of Australian, to give “shiny” hair is bright perfectly before each party, Nicole often shampoo and rinse last with cranberry juice.

Penelopa Cruz

Long hair is the strength of the Spanish “witch of beauty”. She has a very sophisticated hair care formula that few people have enough patience to imitate: 1 mango (peeled) + 1 coffee grounds + 1 egg yolk + 1 teaspoon fruit syrup. Mix well, mix for 1 hour, then rinse. The hair is smooth and the smell is very mysterious.

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