You may think ribbons hairstyle is just for young school girls but it’s not only working that way. Ribbons are romantic classic, yet elegant. It’s one of the easiest ways to tie your hair up and still give it a lovely look. This summer, ribbons are taking their way back to favorite hairstyles section thanks to its simple charming. Let’s take a look at some beautiful ribbon hairstyles which are loved by many, from your famous celebrities to even your close girlfriends.

Ribbon your ponytail

Ribbons is such an easy effortless way of turn your ponytail to another romantic level. This easy way of hairdo is fit perfectly with both your high pony and low pony. All color is beautiful, even just using black ribbon it still makes your look magically outstanding. Black is chic and symbol of strength in modern fashion trend world, yet also feminine. You can make a trick by just using another leather or gift wrapping ties to get this simple elegant looks. Everyone can take this hairstyle to their own closet, even Hollywood stars from their daily life to the Red carpet.

Ribbon to half up

For looser hairstyle day, half up your hair with a simple ribbon is just a right choice. By pulling up hairline from ears or few inches back from your forehead, you will rock this look perfectly. You can take some trick as give it a little spray to have a bedhead hairdo. If you want to be more creative, try to cut out nicely the end of the ribbon to give it lovelier bow-like look. You also can straight or add curls to your half-tied to take this hairstyle to much extra girly. This is a super easy hairstyle that can’t be missed for your lazy-mood in summer day.

Ribbon your bun

Bun hairstyle is usually easy-to-do and a great option for rising temperature of summer. Adding ribbon to your normal bun will give it a different vibes, which is more fun and cute in summer time. This look is simply made by pinning up a ribbon to your regular bun. You can try being more creative by making a braid bun to have more appealing hairstyle. If you want to have another hairdo with just ribbon and bun, let’s make double buns. Then tie a ribbon to your buns, it’s a great way to create cute fresh appearance in this hot weather. You can also try ribbon with messy hair bun to have extra charming looks.

Ribbon to your headband

Summer time is not idea season to let your hair down daily. Tie up your hair or pull it all in order is good way to get rid of the heat. Therefore, setting your bang in neat order is also a great choice. If you are tired of boring booby pin or normal plastic head band, try a new looks by using ribbon. Just tie your hair in ponytail or bun, and then let the ribbon play its role as a beautiful headband. May be you’ll worry a bit about slippy ribbon. Let’s try a small trick by using bobby pin in the end of the ribbon or glue your ribbon with your plastic head band. It will help your headband stay in place and still give you a dazzling looks. There are many way for you to rock this hairstyle by using different kinds of ribbon. You can also use two pieces of ribbon to make your headband and turn your hairstyle for more interesting look.

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