Many girls in the world want to have a beautiful long hair with many styles: straight, wavy, curly, yaki, kinky…. Sometimes, changing your hair make you different or refresh the life. However, their nature hair is not long enough, so a popular solution is human remy hair extension.

     You should note that not all hair in the market are all high quality, or even you buy synthetic hair instead of human hair. So, let’s discuss about remy human hair vs sythetic hair to make the best choice of purchasing hair extension.


Synthetic hair is material that appears to be human hair but is made from non-human materials. These beauty items are often referred to as fake hair, a weave, and extensions. They are generally used by women to make their hair appear longer, thicker, or a different color. There are several ways that this hair can be attached.

Remy hair refers to a specific harvesting process. It is cut from a single donor, cuticles intact, and all hairs facing same direction from root to tip. The hair cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair that provides a protection to the hair. Intact cuticles lay flat, allowing for a reflective surface, which provides a shiny appearance.

Because of making by remy hair extension, this hair extension has more competitive strength point. They can suffer high temperature to create styles, dyed for many colors, washed, the same as you do with your natural hair therefore making them much easier to work with.


Hair extensions made from synthetic hair do not last as long and are very sensitive to temperature such as sun exposure. They are very difficult to style as you cannot use heat on them such as straighteners and curling irons and cannot be colored. They are also known to blend badly with natural hair. It is clear that there are many disadvantages to synthetic hair extensions.


The quality of two hairs is not the same so the price can’t be comparable. Since making by synthetic raw material, synthetic hair is cheaper and lower life span (1 or 4 months). While with human remy hair extensions, you have to pay more and keep your hair 6 months to 1 year.

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