A new hair will help you to change the look. But waiting until you have long hair too long, so the solution is hair extensions – does not take too much time to have long hair floating in the waist. Moreover, the hair extension got any color that you want in a flexible and innovative way. So, this is an effective tool for the stars and celebrities want to change the appearance constantly.

remy hair extensions

There are some 6 basic tips when using hair extensions:

1.Using remy hair extensions, you should wash your hair 3 times / week. Massage hair with fingers gently, do not use your nail. Add some shampoo and water then massage in the direction from top to bottom gently.remy hair extensions 2. After you rinse your hair with water, use a towel to dry the hair. Do not comb the wet hair because at that time, your hair is quite weak. Use mode dryer to dry small sections of hair from the connection, but if you have the time, so let make the hair dry naturally. High temperatures will damage your hair with a comb or brush.

3.When removing hair extensions, hang them in the closet or dresser. We will avoid being tangled hair, creased, bent or broken. Keep in dry hair, clean to prolong use and keep your hair silky and soft.

4.After a period of use, remy hair extensions will become split, multiple sclerosis, difficult to fold due to lack of nutrients from the scalp. The solution is to rub a little balm specialize hair, starting from the ends upward to troubleshoot and help ease into the sticky hair. Since hair extensions are dead hair so you can’t use hot oil or other measures to hair care products, hair spray as they tangle and mildew. Chemicals, cosmetics containing silicon are also ineffective.remy-hair-extensions                  >>> refer  THE 10 TIPS TO CARE FOR REMY HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS

5.If hair extensions made from synthetic fibers, read the product manual carefully, whether hot curling hair that may be or not. Most of this hair can’t be in high temperature.

6.After 2-3 months, your real hair will longer so let’s go to the hair salon for reinforcing joints. However, the longevity of hair extensions is approximately 6-12 months, so this is seen as the way of beauty quickly and quite durable. However, remy hair extensions are real hair burden, can cause hair fibers stretched or harm to skin in head. Refer ” What’s about clip in hair extensions ? how to use and take care of clip in hair”       


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