Hair Extensions are more and more popular today and it is not means that all hair extensions will be high quality and will last. Before making decisions it would be better to know what factors affect quality of real hair extensions. Not all real remy hair extensions are created equally. There are low end and high end real hair extensions. The demand for this product is increasing, the amount of “Real hair extensions” available continues to double. A set of hair extensions are “real remy hair extensions” doesn’t always mean that the hair is good quality and will last. High quality hair extensions are not easy  to find out but with knowledge below, hope that you will have the best product.


Real hair extensions are come from pure remy hair, cut with ponytail method so all the strainds remain in tact and are all facing in one order. This prevents it from matting and tangling after being worn. The best real hair extensions are minimally processed and use an eco friendly technology that KEEPS the remy hair cuticles in tact DURING AND AFTER processing. Some hair suppliers use harsh chemicals to process the hair which ruins the remy hair.It damages the hair cuticles, making the hair extensions brittle and weak, which will lead to tangling and matting later on. This hair will be cover by chemical coating to make it seems soft and perfect, but just temporary. It is true that these days most of companies do collect remy hair (there are different grades of remy hair ranging from low end to high end). However, the remy hair that they collect Remy Hair is supposed to be highest quality human hair but with the harsh processing the  cuticles become stripped and lose elasticity.


Not all remy hair extensions are created equal. Many say their hair is top quality human remy hair, but actually it’s low quality or non remy hair extensions. There is Chinese and Indian hair that is actually swept off the floor and is low quality hair that has to be chemically treated and coated in silicone to pass as real remy hair extensions. After washing this chemical coating wears off and the low quality hair starts to mat and tangle. It’s not virgin hair. However, to sell online hair extension stores will call it remy human hair. Of course, these product is much more cheaper and soft and smooth,but a little bit smell. This is not real remy hair. Many hair factories produce what you are deeming: real remy hair extensions. However, they may be real remy hair extensions, that are swept off the floor and tangled into balls of hair. This is called brushed factory hair. This bad quality hair has to be chemically treated and further damages the hair. Real remy hair extension are then processed using the most natural and eco friendly technology.


A high quality human remy hair should be produced by an advanced manufacturing process which ensures high quality hair. So even if the hair collected is 100% human virgin hair, how they process the hair is the most important information you need to have before making your purchase. Real remy hair extensions should last 8 to 12 months and will not mat on tangle if taken care of properly. Non remy hair extensions and low quality remy hair extensions will last less than 6 months and may even mat and tangle after a few weeks. You need to make sure you do not install non rem y hair extensions into your hair. Choose high quality hair extensions and you will be so happy that you did.  Many argue that the source of the hair matters and after my 15 years of wearing hair extensions from all around the world, as long as it is 100% pure remy hair that is processed using the latest technology you will be fine. Be sure to get a sample of the hair extensions first before actually wearing the hair. This will help you see if the hair is good quality. Also, ask for referrals and read reviews first before buying your hair extensions. You can find out the best real human remy hair extensions in 


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