Weave hair straight hair extensions black color

Price: List

Type: Machine Weft Hair/ Weaves hair

Hair grade: Remy hair

Style: Wavy hair

Color: Blonde

Textile: Silk, shining, smooth

Weight: 100gr/bundle (optional at customer’s request)

Hair features: Tangle-free, Shedding-free

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Weave hair extensions from Beequeenhair are one of the most favorite by customers. Our Beequeenhair are also available in broad range of length from 8 inch to 32 inch. They are suitable for all hair length that you want. You can try on many styles as trendy bob with 10 inch weave hair or longer as lob with 14 inch hair or 16 inch weave hair extensions. You can even put on flowing long looks with 30 inch or 32 inch weft hair.  Since machine weft hair are trending now in fashions world, especially with young girls and ladies. Our Weave hair extensions created from 100% Remy human natural hair which is beautiful and loved by customers worldwide. They can make your hair appear more lively and healthier.

Beequeenhair products are totally harm-free with human use, so that you can wear our hair extensions without any concerned. Our Weave hair extensions are not related to chemicals substances and simple to install to your natural hair. As Remy hairs have all cuties lay in same direction, our hair extension are completely shedding-free and tangle-free. They are sourced from many healthy Vietnamese women who have never bleached hair or color dyed before.

Weave hair extensions from Beequeenhair are created by sewing machine. These types of hair also are named as weave hairs.  We provide these hair extensions all over the world in many texture and colors. To install these extensions perfectly, you need a professor hairdresser. The weft hair is link to your own growth hair by sew in methods. They can stay firmly and strongly with your hair.

To take care of these hairs is just as simple as your growth hair. By wearing our Weave hair extensions, you can try in a vast of beautiful hair looks without harming your own hair. You can freely style your hair in any looks of your dream hairs and still growing your natural hair. The machine Weave hairs are easily to styles and dyed or even available in colors as you want. This is one of your best choices of changing your appearance to be more outstanding look with attractive hairstyles.

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