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Tape-In method is a revolutionary system that uses a newly patented tape to bond hair extensions to hair. In recently, tape hair continue to be the best option for semi permanent hair extensions as they are fast to apply and even easier to remove.  Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are designed to add volume, length and thickness in approximately an hour.

There is an undeniable truth that, after 4-6 months you will have to remove tape hair and replace with new one. Because of difference technical not all tape in hair extensions are created same quality. The tape adhesive is so strong that after long wear it is nearly impossible to remove. If you can remove that, your own hair get pulled out and damaged. On the other hand, tape in hair extensions lines have bad manufacturing where the actual tape weft will slip off and the adhesive will remain in your hair.

Then how to fix all of that problem?

Beequeenhair company would like to recommend this product: LV103 Remove tape. With adhesive remover, orange scented, it is very easy tape & adhesive safely cleaning the residues from your hair system.


Here is product detail:

Package Contents: 1 x adhesives remover

Contents: 30ml

Ingredients: mineral spirits and orange oil. These are natural ingredients, do not harm the hair and scalp, do not harm people in direct contact.

Store at room temperature, limit exposure to high temperatures are needed

When you open the bottle, you will see it is liquid, transparent and light fragrance. This one is completely safe, and no damage to your hair. Efficiently remove hair system cleaners and alleviate the damage caused by adhesive or tape to hair system, enabling convenient removal of adhesive from skin.

Here is some general direction: Pour or spray the hair system, soak for 5-10minutes, remove and erase.  That’s so easy, and it takes under 2 mins to remove!

Once the bond is taken out (as per our instructions) you can re-tape the bond and reapply straight away. Always remember – be gentle to your natural hair. Never rip or pull. If it hard to take bond out then add one more spray of solution to area.

0/5 (0 Reviews)