30 inch hair weave natural wavy blonde

Price: List

Type: Machine weft hair

Hair grade: Remy hair

Style: Wavy hair

Color: Blonde

Textile: Soft, smooth and glossy

Weight: 100 grams/ bundle

Hair features: No shedding, no tangles and no insects

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Though 30 inch hair weave has been used worldwide, a lot of people are still have no idea what it is and how can they utilize it. That is a pity because everyone, especially young women deserve to look beautiful and gorgeous with our hair extensions. This article is going to give you the information you need to about our products.

30 inch hair weave natural wavy blonele

30 inch hair weave is completely harmless to human health

As you probably know that synthetic hair extensions can be harmful to our health because it contains chemical substance. Our 30 inches weave hair extensions, however, is completely is chemical-free as it is made of 100% of 30 inch weave human hair which is all natural. As a result, our hair has nothing to do with the toxic substance which can be a thread to our health.

30 inch hair weave natural wavy

In addition to that, the Remy hair that we have is taken from many women who have never experienced hair bleach or dye before. There is definitely original and self-explanatorily beautiful. That is why our hair extensions always look so soft, natural-looking, smooth and silky.

30inch hair weave off wavy blonele

10 inch hair weave natural

Meanwhile, the process of making natural wavy blonde and curly hair is totally chemical-free. As we use round irons to curl the hair and then put it into hot steam to keep the style. This helps to hold the curls for a long time and at the same time can protect human health.

30 inch hair weave is born for everyone

Weft hair extensions are the hair which is weft by the machines. This type of hair is also called weave hair which is very convenient for every girl as it is can be easily applied and taken to anywhere and anytime. The hair is divided into weave bundles which can weigh about 100 grams per each bundle. Thanks to this, you can apply the whole bundle of hair weave but it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Our 30 inch hair weave – natural wavy hair extensions is very versatile as it can be used to make Indian hair weave and Brazilian hair weave to export to these countries. It can also be used to make 30 inch weave with closure which is a type of hair that can cover a large part of your head. Our products are now used by many people all over the world and have good reputation for its high quality.

Last but not least, our hair extensions, especially natural wavy hair appears to be so stunning and amazing. Let just imagine our 30 inch wavy blonde hair floating on your body, there must be nothing like that. With the softness, smoothness of the hair, you cannot ever look more beautiful than that.

30 inch hair weave is one of the best-selling hair extensions of BeeQueenhair. It would be a good idea if you buy these hair extensions to enhance your beauty. We are so willing to help you to do that.


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