14 inches weave Wavy hair extensions

Price: List

  • Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 100 grams per bundle
  • Origin: Vietnam remy hair 100%
  • Color: Black
  • Hair standards: Supper drawn hair
  • Textures: Ocean Wavy hair extensions


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Nowadays, hair extensions is becoming more and more popular to people all over the world. They keep searching for the best hair which is not only beautiful, healthy but also has a reasonable price.

Since there are so many hair suppliers in the world, which makes it confusing to customers to find the most suitable hair for them. We have a recommendation which save your time is that you should come to Beequeenhair for the best hair.

14 inches weave hair extensions is one of the hair extensions that you can’t miss.

What exactly is 14 inches weave hair extensions?

14 inches weave hair is the hair which is weft by machines all together in one line. Therefore, we also call it machine weft hair.

The special thing about our hair is that it is completely Vietnam remy hair with no mix hair, no synthetic hair or non-remy hair. As you probably know that Vietnam hair is very strong, long-lasting and natural looking. It is sewn carefully so that there will be no tangles, no shedding inside the bundles of hair.

Beequeenhair has invested in the modern equipments which help to produce the hair faster and more esembling. As a result, we can provide our hair with cheaper price compared to the same products of other brands. That is one of our strong point, actually.

Customers can order our weave hair for more than one purpose of use.

First of all, weave hair can be used directly by sewing the hair into your real hair. Of course, before that, you need to make a hozirontal line on your hair.

Second of all, weave hair can be used to make clip in hair extensions for more convenient application.


Beside 14 inches weave hair extensions, you can also find other types of hair extensions in our company.

Bulk hair, the hair that doesn’t need much time to process. Basically, bulk hair is tied with elastics in the top. Our customers who buy bulk hair mostly come from Russia. They buy bulk hair to make their own hair extensions or wigs.

Some of the other hair extensions are tape hair, tip hair, and clip in hair. Those are the pre-bonded hair that you don’t have make much effort to use them.

In addition to this, you might be interested in our lace closures, frontal or wigs. If so, contact our staffs right now for more information and support.

14 inches weave hair extensions is one in many hair products of Beequeenhair. We hope we can help you to find the best hair you want.

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