10 inch weave curly hair extensions black color

Price: List

Type: Machine Weft Hair/ Weaves hair

Lengh: 10 inches

Hair grade: Remy hair

Style: Wavy hair

Color: Black

Textile: Silk, shining, smooth

Weight: 100gr/bundle (optional at customer’s request)

Hair features: Tangle-free, Shedding-free

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10 inch weave curly hair extensions black color are becoming extremely famous among youngsters nowadays. They are considered as one of the hair extensions that can change someone looks in a moment.  Weave hair from Beequeenhair is one of those kinds. Our machine weave hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, so that they are friendly to people. Wearing our weft hair you do not need to worry about the quality of the extensions.

 We have been provided hair extensions that 100% is Vietnam Remy hair without any shedding or tangles as well as no nits, insects. As becoming a trend for young people, Weave hair styles are one of best products that many are looking for. With Beequeenhair, we provide various choices of weft hair in many textures and colors. From dark to bright colors as black or blonde that is your own choice to make. All are ready to fit your own skin color and interests.

Our Beequeenhair are also available in broad range of length from 8 inch hair to 32 inch hair. They are suitable for all hair length that you want. You can try on many styles as trendy bob with 10 inch hair weave or longer as lob with 14 inch hair or 16 inch hair extensions. You can even put on flowing long looks with 30 inch or 32 inch weft hair. They all can give you a younger looks with fashion styles that most ladies are dreaming. When wearing these weft hair extensions, it can create a lively and full of energetic for your hair just like your own natural hair. Using the weft hair is a one step closer for you to still protect your own growth hair at the same time can try on numerous new charming looks.

0/5 (0 Reviews)