Winter is a rough time for your hair and Human Hair Extensions. The cold weather condition does the same thing on your hair as it does your skin – sucking out the moisture and leaving it dry and brittle (or cracked for your skin). If you do not pay extra attention to your daily hair care routine, your hair might suffer irreparable damage when winter is over. Make sure you know the practical measures you have to take to prevent this from happening.

Invest in a Winter-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner – One of the most prevalent effects of extreme cold weather on hair and Human Hair Weave is that it takes away the natural brilliance. Specifically, stock up on hydrating shampoos and conditioners as part of your winter hair care routine. These hair products are formulated to infuse moisture into your hair so it can maintain its natural shine and glow even when the cold weather stripes away any form of moisture.

Shampoo Less, Condition More – It is not new information that you should refrain from shampooing your hair on a regular basis. However, you need to limit that even more during winter time. This makes the above recommendation more important because your goal is to make every shampoo count. Washing your hair or Hair Extensions too often during winter can strip off any moisture left on your hair.

Meanwhile, conditioning is doubly important during winter time. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is even recommended, regardless of your hair type. This will help to stave off dryness or static, which are common issues associated with cold weather.

Limit Heat Styling

Heated indoor air can make your hair vulnerable to dryness during winter. Hence, you need to refrain from contributing to dryness even more by using heat styling tools on a regular basis. If you are reliant on these tools on some other days, it is best to cut back on your use during winter to avoid causing more damage to your hair and Hair Weave, Vietnam virgin hair. The recommended frequency of using heat styling tools is twice per week.

Give Proper Care When Styling

It is a major no-no to go out on the cold winter temperature with your hair still wet. By doing so, you will freeze your hair and make them vulnerable to breaking.

Aside from the precautionary measure above, you need to be extra cautious about your styling routine during winter. For instance, hair that is exposed to the snow must be handled gently. Use a gentle comb to sort out tangles rather than brushing at them vigorously. Also, you can supplement your hair products by infusing them with healthy natural oils such as jojoba, avocado, and olive oil. These oils help infuse essential nutrients needed by your hair to survive the harsh winter weather, as well as keep your strands moisturised.

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