For those who haven’t heard of “No-poo” method, it is simply using no shampoo in your hair care process. People who use this technique assure that it can help you achieve more bouncy, fluffy and voluminous hair by washing their hair with natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar or plain water. The thing that they rely on is that shampoo will get your hair away from excess oil on your scalp which causes greasy state for your real hair. But shampoo will dry out your hair even more after the cleaning process. However, is it really true that no-poo lifestyle is a great choice?

To be honest, shampoo strips oil from your hair. But it is not the reason that increases oil production. In fact, oil production can be affected by many factors such as hormones, food or genetics. In other words, the things that you take in the impact the most on how your scalp produces oil. But still, changing up your shampooing habits might bring you benefits. By choosing the right shampoos you can both make your scalp clean but also sufficiently hydrate it.

Another thing that you can refer to is that you can totally reduce or increase the times you wash your hair in order to make it clean and oil free. If you have an oily scalp, you should wash your hair with shampoos too often, but use shampoos and dry shampoos in between. For dry hair, you also should reduce your hair wash and condition more to hydrate your real hair. At the same time, for chemical treated hair, specified products will be very helpful.

How many time that you should shampoo your hair depends on which hair type you have. You can also try shampoos that are sulfate-free or silicone free. Also, if you don’t want to use shampoo, use apple cider vinegar or soapberries instead. They can work great in removing oil and make your hair shiny and silky. These ingredients can be less harsh than the shampoo but using shampoo in a proper way and not too often will be helpful for sure. Furthermore, when you wash your hair, apply more shampoo on the roots where the oil comes from the most while applying more conditioner on the end of the hair. This technique will prevent your scalp from producing too much grease. Some alternative ways to save up your day if your hair is too greasy, dry shampoo, baby powder, cacao powder or corn starch can be your secret weapon to give your roots some lift. Likewise, some specific hairstyles such as braids, up dos, buns, etc can minimize the chance of oil look when you are too busy to wash your hair too often.

Lastly, even No poo lifestyle is not literally better than traditional shampooing but if you can change up your shampooing habits can actually help. You can find the most suitable shampoos for your hair type, use tricks and different hairstyles in order to make it as how you expect.

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