Applying Vietnam virgin hair extensions nowadays is not a new way to enhance women’s look. This way helps women have beautiful hair with amazing volume. With the support of Vietnam virgin hair, you can change your hairstyles everyday by many kinds of hair extensions you can choose from Vietnam virgin hair stock. Depending on your taste, you can choose many hair extensions such as straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and so on. Many people may love straight hairstyle because they look young and beautiful with it. If your own hair is not straight to blend with Vietnam virgin hair and want to straighten it, you can go to hair salon to apply chemical treatment. However, this way is not good for your natural hair because the hair can not suffer too much chemicals and heat and it will get damaged, rough and dry. To get straight and silky hair, you can not worry anymore because in this post, we will recommend some natural tips for you.

Egg and milk hair mask

Egg and milk are popular ingredients in beauty remedies because they are rich of protein and vitamins. To straighten your hair, applying an egg and milk hair mask is an effective way. All things you need are one egg and a cup of milk. You add an egg into a cup of milk and mix them well until they blend together and become a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture over your hair and scalp and massage your hair. Let the hair mask sit for about 30 minutes. After that, you can wash and rinse your hair with water and some shampoo. To get the best results with this hair mask, it is necessary that you apply it two times a week.

Egg and yoghurt hair mask

Beside milk, yoghurt also is a good partner of egg. The combination of egg and yoghurt plays an important role in help to straighten your hair naturally. These two ingredients are absolutely natural, therefore; you do not have to worry about their quality. Your hair will not be damaged by the effect of chemicals or heat. To make an egg and yoghurt hair mask, you follow the same formula as egg and milk hair mask. However, use yoghurt in stead of milk. Mix two ingredients together well and apply this mixture over your hair and scalp. Use this mask two times a week.

Egg and avocado hair mask

Another way to straighten your hair naturally is applying egg and avocado hair mask. To make this hair mask, you need to have one diced avocado, one egg, ½ cup of coconut oil and ½ cup of aloe vera gel. You blend the avocado well, then add it with other ingredients. Mix all well until they become smooth mixture. Apply this mask over your et hair during about 30 minutes. Remember to wash and rinse your hair after that.

Above are some kinds of natural hair mask that help you straighten your hair. Eggs contain protein which helps in fortifying the hair. Using egg hair mask, your hair is not only straight but also smooth and silky. Consider these tips and make your hair gorgeous with Vietnam virgin hair.

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