Hair Extensions are more and more popular today, the demand for this product is increasing, the amount of “natural human hair extensions” available continues to double. Natural human hair extensions are come from pure remy hair, cut with ponytail method so all the strands in the same direction in one order.

This prevents it from matting and tangling after being worn. The best real hair extensions are minimally processed and use an eco friendly technology, It is not processed in some methods and is completely intact so that KEEPS the remy hair cuticles in tact DURING AND AFTER processing. It was created by ancient Egyptians. They think that having a long, elegant hair was reserved for these of high birth while other folks or the slaves had short natural hair. Therefore, if an aristocrat was had hair growing problem or bald, he could buy virgin hair. It was very popular in the eighteenth century and so it was used by both women and men as was the fashion at that time.


Remy hair has to satisfy some requirements like: it must never have been colored, dyed, bleached and chemically processed in some methods. And, the natural hair shouldn’t be exposed to certain harsh agents: cigarette smoke, bleached even harmful vapors. It was mean the hair came from a single donor, normally a woman. That is importance as the cuticles preserve the natural hair from the details and give the hair a healthy vibrant look.

The hair is very resistant to tangling because the cuticles are running in the same direction. It is collected by tying off the hair and then controlling the direction of the cuticle and then cut. After it is collected and cut, it may be was sew into bulk, machine weft or tips form. The full method is meticulous and time-consuming. Requirements are hard to satisfy and quite strict but result in the most premium type of natural human hair extensions.


Now, there has been a boom in all of the natural human hair extensions market, and hair extension or virgin hair is in high demand. This is best seen in the quality of products. You can buy Mongolian, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian and even Vietnam virgin hair. However, not all remy hair extensions are created equal. Many say their hair is top quality human remy hair, but actually it’s low quality or non natural human hair extensions. There is Chinese and Indian hair that is actually swept off the floor and is low quality hair that has to be chemically treated and coated in silicone to pass as real remy hair extensions. After washing this chemical coating wears off and the low quality hair starts to mat and tangle. It’s not virgin hair.

However, to sell online hair extension stores will call it natural human hair extensions. Of course, these product is much more cheaper and soft and smooth,but a little bit smell. This is not real remy hair. Many hair factories produce what you are deeming: real remy hair extensions. However, they may be natural human hair extensions, that are swept off the floor and tangled into balls of hair. This is called brushed factory hair. This bad quality hair has to be chemically treated and further damages the hair.


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