Applying hair extensions nowadays is not a new term to many women as it is considered as the effectively hair beauty tool. You love your hair extensions; you know how well they’ll blend in to your hair; however, do you know how to maintain them properly? Good maintenance is very important because it is one factor to ensure hair extensions’ longevity and quality. Understanding the necessary of maintenance, we will give you some recommendations to help you take care of your hair extensions well.

Brush your hair extensions correctly

To any kind of hair, brushing is very basic step in hair care routine. To brush your hair extensions correctly, it is suggested to use a soft bristle brush which can help detangle your hair without damaging it. Be gentle when brushing if you do not want to put pressure on your hair extensions and scalp.

Wash and condition your hair extensions

Being gentle is the key in taking care of extensions. It is important in not only brushing but also washing step. Because the extensions are attached to your own hair; therefore, you should be careful when washing not to damage them. Moreover, shampoo is very important. To care for your hair well, it is vital that you choose a natural or organic shampoo that will clean the hair without damaging it. In addition, as extensions do not receive nourishment from the scalp, they need conditioning to keep the strands looking healthy and feeling soft. You can try a spray on conditioning treatment – an ideal solution to add extra moisture and shine to your extensions.

Apply styling protection

We all know that hair extensions help us experience many different hairstyles; however, too much heat styling actually can damage your hair. As a result, you need a solution to protect your extensions from heat damage. A heat protective product that will penetrate the hair shaft and form a barrier against heat is very an ideal choice.

Apply suitable hairstyles

To provide your hair extension with the good maintenance, you should consider the suitable hairstyle for each circumstance. For example, a low ponytail is good for sleeping as your extensions won’t get tangled during the night. Besides, when you have vigorous activities such as exercising, you need a high ponytail. Therefore, choosing hairstyle is very vital.

Hair extensions are extremely amazing as they contribute a lot to enhance your beautiful appearance. Keeping them in good maintenance will help you apply them and be gorgeous with them longer. Therefore, consider these tips to care for your hair extensions well.

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