Lunar New Year, or Tet, is Vietnam’s main holiday. It is the grandestand most important occasion in the year. Tet’s preparations and celebrations used to be spread over months, but nowadays the holiday is much shorter.The season of Tet occurs around the beginning of February and end of JanaurỵThe meaning of Tet is ending old year and welcome a new year.


        Tet holiday is very special for Vietnamese families to reunite. At that time, all family members try to come back their homes and get together to prepare for Tet. Moreover, they will buy new clothes and clean their house. A branch of Mai flower or a Kumquat tree can’t be absent from every home. A great deal of excitementstill builds up well before Tet. Streets are decorated with coloured lights and red banner. Shops are full of goods. People are busy buying gifts, cleaning and decorating their houses and cooking traditional foods.They bring a fresh atmosphere to the house. We decorate the ancestral altar with a tray full of fruits and flowers. Homes are often decorated with plants and flowers at this time. Peach blossom is traditional at Tet in the North while apricot blossom is traditional in the South. The kumquat tree with its ripe deep orange fruits is popular throughout the country.

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Some typical Tet’s food such as sweets, coconut jam, candied fruits, lemon seeds, rice cake , stew pork with eggs. One of Tet’s most special foods is banhchung, which is made from sticky rice, green beans and fatty pork. It is our country’s traditional food on Tet holiday. Mut, which is candied fruits such as sugared apples, plums or tomatoes, is also popular.Tet meal is more delicious than our every day.

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On Tet holiday, people have many typical activities. Young people take part in the traditional games such as: tug; cooking rice, cock fighting, watching lion dance. Many people visit relatives to wish a happy new year. Adults will give lucky money for children. Women like going to the pagoda to wish good things will come to their familiers.


On the days of Tet, everyone tries to be nice and polite to each other. People believe that what they do on the first day of the year will influent their luck during the whole year. Thus, only positive comments should be made. People visit other family members or friends and they exchange New Year’s wishes. Children receive their “lucky money” inside red envelopes. Many people go to pagoda to prayfor a happy year for themselves and their families. Both children and adults take part in games and various forms of entertainment. Tet is really a time of fun and festivals throughout the country.
In my opinion, I like cozy and fresh Tet’s atmosphere. All family’s members talk together about a happy new year. I can hang out with my friend and don’t worry about any thing
” Tet” holiday is always in Vietnamese’s heart.

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