A nice hair will respect the beauty of women, so that changing color hair is one of the good ways to refresh yourself. Some people dying or bleaching their hair while other choosing virgin human hair with various color from darkest brown to lightest blonde, however, almost women worry about how to keep that color staying beauty for long time.


 Here are tips to help keep hair color dye or durable that everyone should know:

1.  Choosing right color before dying or bleaching

      Depend on the hair condition, you have to find the suitable color hair. The close color to your real hair color will be the best choice for you, such as dark brown, medium brown, black… This kind of color will help your Vietnam virgin hair less damaged than some too light color like blonde. If you need some blonde hair, you have to do bleaching so that more damage.
2. Take care when hair has been dyed
To minimize allergy while dye, hair will be dyed on the day that you are not going to have a shampoo. If your skin is allergic when making color, you should wash your hair immediately to calm the situation. Moreover, you should avoid shampooing within 2 days after bleaching color.

3. Choose the right shampoo
– The shampoos and lotions what is special for hair dyeing: help hair color is durable
– Normally shampoo: Easy to lose color and can make rough for your hair

By the way, please carefully when wash virgin human hair with hot water. Cold water is recommended because of making your hair more strength and fastness

4. Hair care methods
If possible, let your hair dry naturally. It will be the best way to keep your hair always healthy. But if necessary for using dryer, you should choose low temperatures because high hit can make hair color oxidizes and becomes pale and dull
The tail is usually quick dry than other part, so, trim the end is good way to control split ends. You should be cut it periodically, at least 2 months 1 time to get uniform color.
Because of chemical processed, you should not overdo it. After dyeing, please do not bending or straightening immediately. If not, it will make you hair weak, ragged and broken hair. In additions, hair also needs vitamins to strong and durable. Vitamin B, protein, zinc, iron…are needed if you want a long beautiful color hair.


Dyed hair gives beauty and personality for the girl. Everyone should know some tip to keep your hair color always beautiful and shiny.

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