Halloween is coming in some days and you totally have no idea what to wear to how to style your hair then you have to read this article. Today, we are going to provide you with some last minute DIY costumes and hairstyles that go well with them. Let’s dive in.

1. Wendy Adams

This will be so Halloween look and super available because all you need is black items. You can easily find a black outfit in your wardrobe without any difficulty. You are going to need a black short dress with white collar or a simple black dress and a white shirt inside. Besides, drag out your favorite black high heels and a pair of long black tights. Lastly, a black or dark red color lipstick will complete the Halloween outfit. Next, let’s move on the hair. How easy it is because you only need to do two normal braids sectioned in the middle. Regular braids will finish off the look and you are ready to join the ghost party.

2. Taylor Swift in “Look what you made me do”

We have to admit that this video has been going viral recently and it is a huge source of inspiration because there are actually 15 costume ideas in the video that you can consider to dress up. Bonus for all costumes: a sign that says “Look What You Made Me Do”


You will need a pair of thigh-high red boots or red high heels with high knee red tight, oversized black sweatshirt (with glitter) and a baseball bat. That’s all that you will need for the look. Besides, style your hair a bit messy will literally make it even better.


This is so Halloween that you will disguise yourself into a corpse. You are going to need a long white dress which is dirty and torn out (you can use paint, dirt or whatever that make it look disgusting). About your Vietnam human hair, let it down but messy by teasing it with a comb and hairspray to hold the texture. Last but not least, also the most important part is to make up your face look creepy and dead.


In order to turn into snake Taylor, the things that you should have included a red dress (prefer the long loosely dress), golden heels and tons of snake-shaped rings and accessories. Besides, your hair will be styled into a super sleek look with two sides behind your ear.

3.      A Cereal Killer

What you need are empty cereal boxes with plastic knives glued on these boxes, a shirt. Use pins to secure these boxes and some red paint to pretend blood. About your hair, you can let it down, gather it up in a bun, both are good to go.

4.    Starbucks Basic

It is a brilliant idea for the star buck addicts.

The things that you will need are also super available: a beige top, white boa feathers, print out Starbucks logo and pin with safety pins, make a green straw and a pair of leggings and black boots. Your hair can be styled in any way that you like, holding it up in a bun can be a great idea.

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