For a larger number of customers who apply hair extensions, Vietnam virgin hair is always the top choice. So, what is virgin hair in general and what is Vietnam virgin hair in particular? What are advantages of Vietnam virgin hair? This writing will give the answers for all of the above questions.


What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair refers to the type of hair which is still in its original state. In other words, it is unprocessed and intact. To be more specific, virgin hair has these characteristics:

  • 100% human hair
  • Never been chemically treated (dyed, bleached, colored)
  • Never been styled (straightened, ironed, curled, permed)
  • All the hair cuticles are intact and run consistently in the same direction
  • Cut off from one donor’s head
  • Similar to your natural hair


What is Vietnam virgin hair?

  • Vietnam virgin hair, which is made of 100% Vietnam human hair, has all the characteristics of virgin hair in general.
  • Unlike Cambodian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair or Chinese hair, Vietnam virgin hair is often black or dark brown.
  • Our Vietnam virgin hair is exported to many countries like American, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, Indian, Korea, etc.


What are advantages of Vietnam virgin hair?

  • It is soft, smooth and shiny
  • No nits, lice and insects
  • The length of hair is from 10 inches up to 40 inches, which is favorable to create many different hairstyles.
  • It is completely safe for your scalp because it is never chemically treated and styled.
  • It will last for a very long time as long as it is cared correctly.
  • We make sure to provide very competitive prices for our consumers all over the world.


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