In winter, our hair tends to fall off more, which makes you lose confidence in communication. In order to prevent hair loss effectively, you need to add the following foods.

  • Shrimp:

Shrimp is one of the effective anti-hair loss products. Shrimp contains zinc, one of the most important nutrients in preventing hair loss and thinning hair. However, you should eat moderately because if you eat too much shrimp, it can cause hair loss due to increased testosterone levels.

  • Almonds:

This is great news for those who love this fruit. Eating almonds helps prevent hair loss because it contains vitamin E and zinc. Not only that, it is also good for health as it lowers cholesterol but also a great source of protein.

  • Vitamins

In all of Vitamins group, vitamin B is the most important, including: Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), etc. In addition, Vitamin C contributes to improving transfusion of blood on the scalp, anti-oxidation of hair follicles. Vitamin E enhances oxygen absorption and hair growth. Recommended foods: green vegetables, fish, cereals …

  • Tofu

Nutrition experts say that tofu contains a significant iron content to prevent hair loss, help hair growth and shine. Therefore, to prevent broken hair, you should add this food to the menu to improve the condition of hair loss and help hair healthier.

  • Green vegetables

Green vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce, lettuce, mustard, green leafy greens, Swiss radish provide large amounts of iron, beta carotene, foric acid, vitamin A and vitamin C to help keep healthy hair follicles prevent hair loss.

  • Eggs

Eggs and foods make from eggs are excellent for hair, providing many beneficial nutrients (protein, zinc, sulfur, vitamin A, B12, biotin …). So eating eggs not only helps to strengthen the hair but also increases the shine, stimulating the length of the hair.

  • Yogurt

One of the important ingredients for healthy hair is protein, and yogurt contains a significant amount of protein, stimulates hair growth, prevent hair loss for mother after birth. effective.

  • Carrots

Carrots are wonderful foods that help you maintain good oils for the scalp, which is great for you to choose to prevent broken hair. Carrots contain a lot of beta carotene to produce vitamin A, which helps to create a conditioner. Without Vitamin A, your hair will thin and fall off. You can also get beta carotene when eating sweet potatoes, mangoes and pumpkins.

  • Fruits

It is no coincidence that vegetables and fruits are the most recommended foods. It does not have direct effects, but vitamin C in vegetables and fruits helps to absorb iron from foods. From there, the hair becomes healthier than before.

Note: These are some foods that work to prevent and enhance. If you have many symptoms should you be treated with a combination of living and nutritional science.

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