When you have a long and much hair, you can do style and refresh  your hair so easily, evenly you can have one color for one day. Have you ever tried it? There is  an easy way to do , it is using hair extensions, especially human hair extensions which is 100% human remy hair.


Styling extensions is not different from styling your own hair when you use human hair extensions. In fact, it’s a lot more fun since you have way more to work with, so feel free to continue styling with your normal habit. There are many kinds of hair extensions like wefted,  prebonded, clip-in, tape-in, lace-closure and lace – frontal,…  one texture will have a method to add into your real hair, and one advantage and disadvantage together . Like these:

Wefted can be machine weft or hand-tied weft: Your hair is braided on the back of your head tightly and wefts of hair are sewn into the braid. This method works best on natural hair, kept strongly.


        Clip-In: These are clip-in hair extensions clipped into your hair everyday, and very easy to use.


      – Tape-In Extensions : These are small wefts of extensions taped into your hair with double sided tape, tape using strong glue to glue to your hair.

      Prebond-ed: Small bundles of hair are fused to yours using heat, and you need other to help you add them into carefully


       – Lace closure and Lace frontal: you can add a large amount into large space, you sew them into and even can have bang, too.


     When using human hair extensions, you can style them, you can style them before or after adding into your hair.

    – Color hair: You can add some hair extensions with color you like or the color as your real hair and then go to hair salon to color all. It is so simple to color all the human hair extensions is the same as your hair, it can be one color like red or blonde, ombre color, mixed colors,…


    – Iron or straight hair: when using the hair extensions, you can iron them to have the straight hair. You can ask the hair stylist to cut or iron the hair to make them fit your real hair’s style.

human-remy-hair-6    – Curl or wavy hair: you can buy a wavy or curly bundle of hair extensions, or the natural hair extensions and style them as your own hair. You can tie or make braiding hair or whatever style when you have a long and full hair.


Nowadays, human hair extensions becomes one of the good way to make up and style your hair, refresh your look. Hope that you can find the high quality of hair extensions to use because there are many suppliers and many textures for you to choose.


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