A new wig hair accessory is extremely useful and perfect choices for the girls always want to change myself every day without affecting their real hair. Certainly, you will have to consider buying even a wig with this article!


First, let’s go quickly with some hair extension’s information.

– The wigs were originally appeared in Egypt with purpose of the scalp function away from the harsh sun on the desert. After that, the Rome’s women used wig as a fashion accessory.

– Go to the 17th century, wigs vogue again by a rather humorous reason is against lice. The prevalence of wigs in Europe (especially the UK and France) helps protect hair from lice truth. They will wear a wig instead of shaving the head for lice is not in contact with the hair.

From its inception until now, wigs have become the perfect accessory for the girl likes refresh themselves without fear of affecting real hair. Even wigs became cure-all for a lot of people, especially those with cancer patients suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy. Currently, with the development of technology, the wig – especially countless female wig styling, comfortable material you choose.

Attention to hair material

    This is the first thing to consider when choosing to buy a wig. With this hair extension, you should choose products made of real hair to bring more natural appearance than fiber or rayon charges. This is because synthetic hair gloss will make perfect reached very artificial, even greasy and easily make others discover you are using wigs. Unless you are a cartoon character cosplay, try to choose to buy products from real human hair, although the price also more expensive.

Should choose a roof wig

    Not a girlfriend would want others to detect you’re using the latest wig! Therefore, when choosing a human remy hair extension, please direct your attention to the products with the roof, though short-term though, because the bangs will help reduce skin cover of the fake hair, helps hair look more realistic.


Avoid the black colored hair

      The author has thick hair had lower black often feels unreal even quite scary because in fact, people who have this type of hair, it’s very little. Ideally you should choose dark brown wig, brown chestnuts as they reach common hair color and skin color of many.

Hair moderate curvature

      Gone is the fad of hair as newly stretched flatly . This is the era of natural beauty, so wigs should also have given the fullness and curve. Compared with less long straight hair, a little floating hair, “disorderly” will create a sense of realism. However, you stay away from the wig with curly locks because it is quite rigid and out of style. You should also note the parting of the hair should be natural, mostly with parting wig quite rigid.


The color of the wig

      Again, only the cosplay world can use the wig – wigs striking colors such as yellow, green, … Obviously you would not want to work with hair too so brilliant. Besides, if you choose to use wigs clips, should note the salesperson to help you choose foods with the same color hair color most real hair, wigs and avoid real hair different colors will create bad situations cry smile.

      Human remy hair extension is the most popular choice for new girlfriend collector. Wigs also help women to own thin hair can change yourself and countless hairstyles thick hair seemed only get realized.

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