Human hair extensions wholesale 

Nowadays, most of women or girls prefer changing their hairstyles without spending much time at hair salon. Human hair extensions is a great choice for them to extend your hair from short to long whenever they want. Therefore, it has been highly increasing number of girls who choose to wear human hair extensions to get their desire beauty.

Recognizing the demand, we, Beequenhair focuses on human hair extensions wholesale by exporting to other countries with the high quality products and reasonable price. The primary customers are coming from foreign countries like America, Africa, … Hair extensions of Beequeenhair is cut from the hair of Vietnamese rural women which is very smooth and shiny, each type of hair extensions is 100% natural hair of each woman not including the hair of another person. Besides, we also apply human hair extensions wholesale to chemically treated hair, for example, dyed hair extensions to meet various demands of customers. Talking specifically about human hair extensions wholesale of Beequeenhair, for those who just want to purchase a set of hair extensions, we still deliver product to them in the shortest time. And for customers booking a great amount of human hair extensions, we will try to make the best quality products in the earliest time to quickly export to them.

Beequeenhair produces human hair extensions for many different types of hair since the demand of different human hair extensions are higher and higher.

Vietnamese human hair extensions

Human hair extensions wholesale development for Beequeenhair

Let consider some following examples. First, for Vietnamese Flat Tip Straight hair, it is 100% virgin human hair, no dyed, unprocessed and length of hair is from 6 inches to 32 inches, which means 15 cm to 80 cm. The price for this human hair extensions is fluctuated from 274 to 837 USD/kg. The second example is Vietnamese Clip in Straight, it is also made from 100% virgin human hair with the same features as in example 1. For the hair 6 inches in length, the price is 253 USD/kg and the hair 667 in length is 667 USD/kg. The price of Beequeenhair’s types of human hair extensions are not different much. Thanks to good wholesale development system, good quality products and good customer services, Beequeenhair is exporting more and more human hair extensions products to foreign countries.

In addition to the purpose of human hair extensions wholesale, Beequeenhair also helps to promote the image of Vietnamese women in the eyes of foreign friends with smooth, soft and shiny hair. This helps to attract more and more attention of customers and boost export development. If you want to extend your short hair immediately but do not want to waste much time, let consider models of human hair extensions from Beequeenhair, you will feel contented with our best quality Vietnam virgin hair.

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