Vietnamese proverb has a sentence like that “Fine teeth and fine hair are most becoming” and this is a norm that Vietnamese people often comply with to assess the beauty. Thus, everyone wants to have a beautiful hair. Not only those who suffer hair loss, baldness, but also those who have short or thin hair will want to own a long, and smooth hair. Therefore, in recent years, there has had no sign of cooling down of human hair extensions. Because it can give customers a long hair just in a snap.

Not miss the opportunity for further business development, Beequeenhair is still putting more and more investment in selling human hair extensions, in particular, exporting Vietnamese hair to foreign countries.

Potential market

Human hair extensions market is very potential, since the demands of customer are highly increasing regardless of not cheap price. It is easy to see beautiful hair, beauty secrets or online shopping of girls or women, the topic of hair on the forum or group on Facebook. Hair salons also have to buy human hair extensions to serve great demands of the femininity. Around the corners from the city to the countryside are the words proclaimed: “Who sells long hair, tangled hair?”

Meanwhile the price of human hair extensions is not cheap! Hair extensions are usually purchased directly by the traders. One gram of human hair extensions depending on the length can be up to 500-900 thousand dongs or more depending on the hair quality. A kilo of hair is worth a few million dongs!

Where to buy human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions sources vary from large to small. Talking about the city center, we can refer to the salons, the markets or the hair shops. Advertisements and classifieds on the sale of hair can be seen rampant on the sales page. If you want to buy the best quality human hair extensions, trade mark Beequeen hair is an optimal choice. It provides 100% natural human hair, no color, no chemical process, no short hair inside. It includes many types as well as extremely great quantity supplied to foreign markets like United State, Brazil, Indian, Korean.

Beautify human hair extensions

You can purchase pre-processed human hair extensions. For untreated one, the price is cheaper. But the processes are quite time consuming and meticulous and amateurs can hardly style it beautifully and quickly. Firstly, combing your hair smoothly and filter each strand of hair in different lengths, remove the strands of short and broken hair. Then, the hair must be shampooed, and steamed once to be smooth and soft. Next, drying the hair to have the long and smooth hair!

Human hair extensions wholesale will attain high benefits if the trader or manufacturer has beautiful hair sources and apply reasonable price, which helps a lot in attracting more customers.


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