Few decades ago, most people in middle age used this hair because of suffering from hair loss or baldness, but now, it become more popular than ever. Human hair extensions are listed as the great thing important items for beauty girl, that can change your appearance without spending a lot time and money. Please take some time to see some note, in order to make your prefect beauty

human-hair-extensions– Firstly, Original of the hair

Because of higher demand day by day, human hair extensions is developing with many original. Almost hair is from China, Vietnam, or India (the biggest market) but also from unknown origin. Wigs will be applied direct contact with the scalp, so when choosing the fake wig and unknown substandard materials, it will make you hurt scalp or causing inflammation unwanted.


– Secondly, the material

In the market, there are 2 kinds of material for making hair extensions: synthetic hair and human hair. Nylon synthetic wigs are very easy to recognize, thickness and color shade, look dry and somewhat less natural. Because of that reason, synthetic hair is very cheap, you only have to spend 20-25 dollar for a full wig. On the other hand, human hair is very expensive. It will take at least 200 dollar for full head but the real hair will be very smooth, harmonious colors from the hair to texture so that client normally prefer.

– Finally, using it right way

Using wigs seem to become a habit of many girls, but you should also avoid using too much especially in the hot summer. The hot sun will cause more sweating scalp, which are ideal conditions for growing bacteria. Besides that, washing hair twice a week is the best way to remove mildew and dirt. Don’t forget to do the good caring with conditional in order to keep it healthy, soft and shine for long time using.

I’m sure that, you will be very comfortable with the human hair extensions if you using right way. The hair can stay for long time without fear of affecting to real hair. Here is few pictures of the famous person who using virgin hair extensions:

Jennifer Lopez with ombre wavy hair extensions. She is an very famous Actress


Supermodel Tyra Banks with dark brown human hair extensions


Lady Gaga looks so special with platinum hair


Beyonce also used wigs to change style


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