Millions of women like human hair extensions, they use human hair as a solution to add the desired volume, length, color, and style to their hair and avoid coloring and styling damage to their natural hair. However, the first question is that whether or not it is possible to apply and remove hair extensions by themselves, or whether they need professional help for the purpose
According to some experienced hair stylists, applying and removing hair extensions is not a difficult process and you can do it yourself once you know how to do it. However, this is limited to several hair extension styles. This is some tips how to apply and remove hair extensions by yourself.

Clip-In Human Hair Extensions


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*. Divide the hair into sections and clip them all to your head, leaving only the hair section closest to your neck.

*. Tease and backcomb your hair roots and follow with a hairspray.

*. Start by clipping the right clip into the roots of your hair before moving on to the left and the middle clip.

*. Release another section of your hair, ensuring it is a minimum of an inch above the hair section you added the extensions to. This will allow your natural hair to cover the extensions you added earlier.

*. Add as many extensions as you want, leaving enough hair every time to fall over the extensions.

*. In case you want to add extensions to the corner of your hair, install it a minimum of 3-4 inches above your ears to enjoy a natural look.



*. Place you thumbs on either side of the top of the clip and your index fingers right beneath your thumbs.
*. Use your thumbs to pull the clip downwards and your index fingers to exert an outward pressure to open the clip.

*. Once the clip has been opened, lift these away from your hair.

*. Make sure to use gentle motions so you do not pull out your natural hair in the process.

Tape-In Hair Extensions



*. Divide your hair into sections and pin these to your head, leaving the bottom section open.

*. Place these extensions in your hair at roughly half an inch from the root; it gives you the freedom to style your hair without applying any pressure on the roots.

*. After you attach the first extension, lift it and clip it to the hair already pinned.

*. Take the 2nd hair extension and press it against the clipped hair extension you already have. Now, the 2 tape in extensions are glued together with your natural hair between them.

*. Follow with the remaining extensions, ensuring that you leave a distance of half an inch between the two sets.



*. After you locate the tapes, apply an adequate quantity of the remover over these.

*. You can also use remover-soaked fingertips to remove the tapes. Once soaked with the remover, they loosen and fail to stick to each other. This allows you to easily pull the extension hair slowly off in a down ward motion.

*. To take care of any residue on your hair, apply a little remover to the surface.

*. Do not attempt to take the second extension out until you have completely removed the first one.

*. After taking them all off, wash your hair with a glue removing shampoo to wash away the any residue.


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