These small tips below will be the best way for your hair every morning when you wake up. After one night, what make you feel most uncomfortable? I’m sure that, messy tangle hair is one of the worst thing ever. Looking the stubborn hair in the mirror,  I guarantee that you will have a feeling of bad day. Therefore, we are going to give you some very simple trick to make own beautiful hair in the morning

1. Do not go to bed with the wet hair

When wet, hair breaks easily. Therefore, this is a bad habit for your appearance.

It would be best advisable to avoid going to bed with wet hair as this can result in mild to severe health issues. Also do not go to bed with dripping wet hair. At least wrap and drain the water with a towel first.


After you sleep, pillows make an ideal place for bacteria proliferation because they absorb sweat, dead cells and natural oils from your skin. Wet human hair extensions will wet the pillow thus making a perfect ground for developing infections. Moreover, going to bed with wet hair can trigger a cold and lead to a sore throat, runny nose, and irritating cough, especially in the cold, winter months.

Our advice: let your hair completely dry before go to bed

2. Doing hair Treatment before bed

Using some of hair treatment such as serum before going to bed will make the miracle hair in the next day.

Our advice: Olive Oil, an all-natural solution to your hair care needs.

Coconut oil:  Coconut has a high content of saturated fat. Hence, it is ideal for deep conditioning of human hair.


Most people face hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, rough and dull hair. These problems can be reduced if spa treatment is taken. It conditions the scalp, circulates blood and gives relaxation.  Finally, your hair will become smoothly silky, soft and fluffy when you wake up. It’s so good, right?

3. Use of hair accessories

If your hair proved stubborn and uncooperative in the morning, please ask the help of all kinds of hair accessories such as hair mane, bun, hairpin, head band.


The quickest way to fix the roof that is brushed aside and used the hairpin pins. With the kind of lovely accessories, you can’t resolve the problem for tousled hair but also to emphasize that Vietnamese hair.

4. Ponytail

Ponytails aren’t just practical for keeping your hair out of your face, they can be great fashion statements as well. When you wake up in the morning and found the disheveled head, do not take time and think how to repair this hair! Just do the simple way, ponytail or bun liquid hand.


It is smart solutions and the most effective ever because of taking less than 10 seconds for this hairstyle. Whether ponytail high or low, they are also suitable for all kinds of costumes and circumstances.

Let do this tip and say good bye with tangle or stubborn hair!

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