The virgin remy hair is a way to change yourself. The hair selects premium quality un-damaged, healthy hair, it is shinier, softer, more durable and has a longer life. And there are many ways to keep the hair nice and longer, they need washing, adding moisture, and be gentle to them.

– When you get up to style your hair each morning, you can use your fingers to run them through your Remy hair. Brushing your hair in one direction will reduce the amount of tangles. Don’t rub your hair pieces against one another, be gentle and treat your hair with extra tender loving care. Having a soft texture is important so that it is in your best interest to take care of your Virgin Remy hair.


– When you shampoo and condition your hair, be careful as you wash your own hair, and remember to wash and condition your hair every three to five days. When you do wash your hair using a conditioner that will moisturize your tresses and a shampoo that’s gentle. This means stay away from products that aren’t made with mainly natural ingredient. And a deep conditioner will moisturize your hair and revitalize it, especially if your hair is starting to get dry. After completing your shampoo and conditioner treatment in reverse, wash out your hair and let it dry naturally to achieve a nice and shiny hairstyle.

– After showering, gently comb out your hair to prevent any snarling. We also suggest that you gently comb out your hair before showering, that way it will be easier to style your hair right after you get out of the
shower with wet hair. Drying your hair out naturally is best, but if you must use a blow drying, use it on the lowest setting to keep your remy hair fine as first time.


– We are a big supplier providing 100% Vietnamese virgin hair extensions and lace closures to individuals, companies, and wholesalers around the world. All of our products are guaranteed to be pure virgin Remy hair: un-dyed, untreated, healthy, and beautiful.


Vietnamese hair is so soft, nice and healthy.Our customers trust us time and time again because the quality of our products, from Vietnamese hair bundle,choosing from straight, wavy, and curly. You will see the same smooth, silky, voluminous hair we have sold since the very beginning.We have many hair products like :
– Bulk Hair with single drawn and double drawn hair.
– Machine Weft and Hand – tied Weft Hair: the sewing is strong.
– Prebonded Hair Extensions: U, I, V, Flat –tips.
– Tape Hair Extensions
– Clip-in Hair Extensions
– Lace Closure and Lace Frontal.
There are many kinds of hair extensions for you to choose, with high quality and big quantity we can supply all over the world for years. And we can ensure about our best virgin remy hair that we supply to our customers.

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