Are women’s short hair cuts for 2018? You know, the short pixie hairstyle is still one of the hottest and having one is the ideal way to be the spotlight standing out from the crowd. Please take your time looking at these popular short hair styles and choosing the right length, hue, and texture to have perfectly match. These short hair styles at the first glance would be short in length, but they’re definitely not short in style. In order to help you to find the ideal inspiration, BeeQueen Hair is going to give you the perfect short hair, shoulder length hair of 2018 so far.

One-Length Lob

This hair cut might be considered as shoulder length hair which can be suitable for almost girls including oval-faced, square-faced, round-faced shapes because the length of the hair is long enough to embrace and hide the weakness of your face. So it would be an ideal shoulder length hair for any girl. Moreover, this kind of hair is quite easy to be matched with different styles of clothes, such as long elegant dress, shorts or even jeans. Even your hair is a bit shaggy, try out some hair extensions to support the length like clip in or tip hair extensions.

Rounded Bob

The rounded bob seems to be taking over the short hairstyle right now because of the soft edges that curl so effortlessly make your hair look gorgeous and not too stuffy. You can certainly keep it a little messy like in the picture above to make your hair naturally curly or go sleek, it is up to you. But it cannot be denied that ether messy or sleek look, you will definitely feel good and super confident with that.

Smooth Crop

I beg that you cannot get over the smooth crop looks which we are seeing gain popularity in 2018. Products for smoothness and shine (as seen in the picture above) can be used for this hairstyle or simply be combed over, tucked behind your ears, and sprayed with hairspray products.

Chin-Grazing Bob

This length had gone out of style for a while with longer bobs, but currently, it’s time for that short hair style to come back with a vengeance. Ladies certainly are loving to made up their mind to change up their hair this year and a chin-grazing short bob is a typical and cool example for the ladies.

Asymmetrical Lob

As you know, asymmetry is well-known and kind of popular amongst many different types of short cuts nowadays, not just lobs. An asymmetrical pixie or a bob can bring you the same dimension as this longer length, but as we all can see that the asymmetrical lob could make you a little bit more noticeable and fascinating for 2018.

Bob with Full Bangs

Bob with full bangs sounds to be out of date already, but now, it is time to get back and make noises. This hairstyle will definitely bring you a modern twist haircut. The choppy waves, straight bangs would make you want to pull of this fashion-forward look.

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