Changing your hair color can be as subtle as a few highlights or as drastic as a coat of bright purple. We have seen all colors of the rainbow surge in popularity the past few years, but for 2018, hair color is looking much more laid-back. If you are not looking to dye your entire head of hair, 2018’s hair color trends will be your new inspiration. Beautiful foil-free techniques, subtle face-framing highlights, and baby lights are in. This year’s hair color ideas are either dark and sultry or warm and cozy.

  • Charcoal

If you’re starting to gray naturally, don’t head to the salon to cover it up! Smoky grays and charcoals are in this season, and it’s a welcome diversion from the too-bright “unicorn” colors of 2016 and 2017.

  • Wine

Whether you call it mulled wine, burgundy, eggplant, deep mahogany, or dark maroon, this sultry shade is in. It’s an easy color for girls with black or brunette hair to transition with if they’re trying out color for the first time, and it can range from barely-there color to full crimson.

  • Subtle Face-Framing Highlights

With the hand-painted and foil-free coloring techniques that are in, highlights are looking less chunky and more natural. The lightest face-framing highlights give a flattering look that the sun could have produced itself.

  • Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

This hair color trend sounds like a cozy holiday drink we’d like to try (recipe idea!). Perfect for brunettes who want a trendy upgrade, this highlighted look combines tones of red and caramel bronde.

  • Pearl Blonde

Not so drastic as the bleach blonde every celebrity has rocked the past few years, pearl blonde is the softer side of platinum. This dreamy shade has a sheen like that coveted heirloom pearl necklace in your jewelry box.

  • Rainbow Roots

Rather than going full rainbow, the trend will be to just die roots a color and have it melt into your natural hair color. This would work well with darker tones and brunette or black hair and pastels with blonde. Since Selena Gomez just debuted bleach blonde hair with her natural dark roots, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of root trends in 2018.

  • Chocolate Mauve

Although “chocolate mauve” sounds like a new Starbucks creation, it’s going to be one of the most popular hair colors of 2018. This subtle look is ideal for brunettes who want to dip their toes in the hair color water without diving in.

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