Halloween is one of the biggest festivals in the year in western culture. However, it is becoming more popular to many other countries in the globe nowadays. Let’s see what we can do on this occasion this year.

What is interesting about Halloween?

First of all, let’s share with each other the story of how Halloween was born to this world.

In the past, about 2000 years ago, ancient Celtic people lived in the territory of Ireland, England and northern France this day. They celebrated new year on the November 1st after the harvest and the weather turned from summer to winter.

It was so cold and harsh that people believed this season was the time when a lot of people passed away. On the night before it turned to new year, it is the chance for ghosts and death to come back to the world.

As they believe so, people set up the bonfires and gathered around them. The priest and people burnt animals and crops for sacrifices to the deities. The bonfire would be taken home in the hope to bring good luck for the people to survive the cold winter.

They wore customs just like ghosts and some scary creatures and told tales, told fortunes. Other poor families would walk to other houses and ask for food and money. This becomes trick-or-treat for kids these days.

Somes of the activities on Halloween in current time:

  • Parties: People will take part in Halloween parties with their friends and families. They eat, drink and share their moments. This is the chance for people to get closer to one another and maybe find their missing part in life.
  • Trick-or Treat: Children will wear ghost customs and walk to every house in the neighborhood and ask for candies.

  • Some other activities make the festival more dynamic and memorable such as pumpkin-boat sailing competition, making jack-o-lanterns…etc.

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